Thursday, August 5, 2021

You shouldn't miss this massive bombshell in Trump's ongoing election fraud lie 

 Unless you have been living on another planet for the past six months, you know by now that Donald Trump leaned on state and national officials in the final days of his presidency to force investigations into made-up claims of widespread election fraud in the 2020 race.

 But the story keeps getting worse -- as we learn more and more about the extremes that Trump-loyal officials were willing to go to in an attempt to overturn the election, with zero proof or evidence to do so.

The latest bombshell came Wednesday with the revelation that Jeffrey Clark, a top official at the Justice Department, composed a draft letter -- which he urged acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and acting deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue to sign onto -- that said the DOJ had "significant concerns that may have impacted of the outcome of the election in multiple States, including the State of Georgia."


  1. Let's say you accuse me of having a skeleton in my closet. Now, there are two possibilities - I do or I don't. You demand the right to search my closet to prove I do.
    So if I don't, well go right ahead and search all you want. But if I do and I don't want you to find it, I will stand up with all the bluster I can muster and tell you that I don't and it's so obvious I don't there's no point in you coming in to check.
    I find the efforts to gaslight over the results of the 2020 election amazing. Here's a country that has had fraud in varying degrees in every single election since the country was founded. However, that all ended in 2020! Yes, there was no fraud in the 2020 election. Not a single bad ballot illegally cast. First time in history. Shechechyanu!
    And do you want proof? We don't need to give you proof because there's no need because there was no fraud. You have videos and testimonies of people demonstrating fraud? All lies! We don't even need to respond to them because there was no fraud so these must all be lies!
    Here's two questions that never get answered:
    1) Why is it that the same people who claim the 2020 election was 101% honest when their guy won are the same people who told us that the system was irredeemably corrupt in 2016 when their guy lost?
    2) If there's no voter fraud, no bussing in of illegal immigrants, no stuffed ballot boxes, why is there any worry about voter ID laws? Why so opposed considered most countries demand ID to vote?

  2. No time to reply properly. Easiest for all if you just get some professional help.

    P.S.- Okay, time for this much: Replace the paraphrased claims above that read "No fraud" with "No fraud of consequence" -- which would be the case in every election (as you've mis-paraphrased)... well, except 1960 & 1876 where it may have swayed outcome & arguably 2000, but even 2000 was out in the open (by FL Secr. State Katherine Harris, and in multiple ways), not the kind of "fraud" you're talking about here. (Ah, look I'm so quickly violating my own promise to not get sucked in...!)

  3. Trump won.

    Donald Trump's goal seems to be to keep himself in the news. The very fact that people are still discussing the election months after it's over and specifically Donald Trump's take on the election demonstrates that he is still on many people's minds.

    Is there a fear perhaps that his opponents have that if they fail to oppose him by continually publishing articles against him that he will arise from the ashes and play a major role in the next Presidential election?

    If there is such a fear, I think it is well grounded. The Republicans are poised for a major comeback.

    Donald Trump can rightfully take credit for the quick development of the covid vaccines. But the vaccine has not been well received by much of the country. And even where it has been adopted, vaccinated people are still contracting and transmitting covid. The healthcare system is as overloaded as ever by covid in some ways, it seems, and many of the healthcare workers who have been at this for going on two years are being overwhelmed.

    The Biden Administration is coasting on being the Not Trump Administration. The answer of the Administration to covid now is more lockdowns and restrictions. One can find in the country movement towards banning the unvaxed from restaurants, gyms, theaters, sports events, schools, government employment, traveling, etc. There is talk of coerced vaccination of the public.

    All of this plays into Trump's hands.

    Trump's support is as strong as ever. Attacks on him keep him in the news. Trump continues to control and influence the political discussion in this country.

  4. Again, you're adding in word so that you can make your point. We are being told "No fraud!" "No evidence!" "No discussion because there was no fraud and no evidence!" by the same people who claimed that there was massive fraud of consequence just 4 years earlier when they lost.
    Again, if you're not trying to use illegal voters to rig the system, why care so passionately about voter ID?

  5. You should impose a gezeira on yourself to not get dragged in.

  6. I'm not at all adding anything. I'm explaining to you that the meaning of news sound-bites to the effect of "No fraud" is that there is no chance fraud decided the 2020 election -- a correct assessment, and the only relevant one. That's what that means, nothing more. It is, rather, your farcical off-the-wall interpretation to mean that, unprecedentedly, not a single ballot cast in a country of 300 million was illegal that is entirely made up. No one claims that (well, except in your head and maybe by some aggressive voices on Fox news that target weak, vulnerable minds like yours).

    Reminds me of the morphing of the climate debate. There actually is a "climate change debate" among scientists, wherein the majority believe that human industrial activity has caused the climate to shift, while a small minority remains skeptical and proffers that likely the climate was heading for such changes despite human activity the past half-century -- a debate as to causes, not existence. When audiences with weak intellects began to misunderstand the soundbite "climate change debate" too literally so as to believe that a debate existed among scientists whether the climate is actually changing at all or not -- a near-factual matter, about which there basically is no debate whatsoever -- demagogical newscasters & politicians like Ted Cruz picked up on that o
    popular misunderstanding and started playing into it, so as to leverage the question even further from the policy prescriptions they opposed. "Those nasty elites" telling us what is the case & dictating what we can & can't do, etc. etc.

    Quit shadowboxing! 2020 was no stolen election. Fraud can't occur millions of times across multiple states without leaving massive amounts of clear evidence. Accept it.

  7. Regarding your last question, for years I didn't register to vote because I knew that those rolls were used to create jury selection pools, and why would I want to be called up every few years? Not proud of it, but is one stray example, among very many, of deterrents that, rightly or wrongly, already keep working class folks from the polls -- an obstacle the Democrats have been struggling against continually and a weak point the Republicans have been continually trying to leverage. The Democrats interpret such bills -- again, rightly or wrongly (probably rightly, but who really knows?) --maneuvers in a longstanding electoral war between parties.

  8. But to uphold this outcome, you are left with a farcical claim that Biden is more popular than Barack Obama. Clearly the Dems cheated. It's not getting reversed. Better stop them next time.

  9. Nope! there is no evidence for your conjecture.

  10. “Trump's ongoing election fraud lie” Bravo Joe Orlow and Garnel Ironheart. Allow me to show here my petition today to SCOTUS: “The questions presented: Can an elderly USA citizen living in Israel continuously since July 9, 1991 except for 1 week August 1992, appeal to the NYS Court of Appeals to overturn a NYS court order QDRO? Can an elderly USA citizen living in Israel prove deliberate fraud of NYS judges/clerks? Can an elderly USA citizen living in Israel, remarried, appeal to the NYS Court of Appeals to annul Judge Prus signed NYS civil divorce 9/10/2013?
    6.Judge Prus made a knowingly false statement in the August 2013 Inquest that the Get I sent Susan from Israel in Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag's bet din in Brooklyn, before witnesses, on 2/17/1993 was a religious ceremony. Judge Prus refuses to send me a copy of the fake/phony 1995 Rigler/Rothbart order of separation. Judge Prus refers to the fake/phony 1995 Rigler/Rothbart order of separation in his 9/10/2013 NYS civil divorce me and Susan. Judge Prus refuses to allow suspension of TIAA paying Susan 55% of my pension. I became free of Susan, free to remarry 2/17/1993 because of the Get. Further, Judge Prus' statement in the 9/10/2013 NYS civil divorce that his court retains control of the QDRO is a false statement, a 1st degree perjury, a class E felony, in my opinion. Susan won the house, the $10,000 will money, 55% of my pension from early 1994---there's no good reason to retain control of the QDRO in Judge Prus' court.
    12.Appendix A New York State Court of Appeals letter July 15, 2021 and Appendix B New York State Court of Appeals letter July 21, 2021 both state:
    The Court of Appeals is a a court of strictly limited appellate jurisdiction which reviews orders of other statutory prescribed courts and tribunals. No statutory provision or procedure exists that would allow the Court to entertain a motion for the relief sought in your papers.
    13.I'm not a lawyer. The NYS Court of Appeals is the highest court in NYS. The NYS Court of Appeals surely has jurisdiction to order TIAA to stop violating ERISA and to open an investigation into blatant crimes and misdeeds.
    14.Appendix C Judge Leonard B. Sand March 6, 2009 dismissing my complaint of ERISA violation. Judge Sand ruled that federal courts lack jurisdiction to order TIAA to stop violating ERISA. I'm not a lawyer. Courts can always open an investigation into blatant crimes and misdeeds. This is critical for public acceptance of the authority of courts. This is critical for public acceptance of TIAA paying out pensions to NYS citizens. The more time passes and TIAA pays 55% of my pension to my opposition the more the public sees public disregard of ERISA and a failure of NYS courts to reign in TIAA's misdeeds. Alas, I'm in urgent need of my full pension. I get no response from TIAA or from my opposition.”
    I'm asking SCOTUS for a new docket number. What are my chances? Governor Cuomo's legal battles with angry women may help me, maybe.

  11. The "claim that Biden is more popular than Barack Obama" that you deem "farcical" is more a reflection of your reasoning than fact. The data does not necessarily at all reflect Biden's greater popularity.
    Example: 2020 overall voter turnout was almost +22% higher than 2008, yet Biden voters of 2020 were just over +23% more numerous than 2008 Obama voters -- i.e., less than 1.5% off the projected mean. So where's the surprise?

    Wanna talk 2012 instead? - General VAP% & VEP% were both a whopping 15% higher in 2020, when the national population itself had grown a solid 8-9% over those 8years (depending on whether you benchmark VAP or VEP). And you wanna say Biden's +17% more numerous voters in 2020 is supposed to be unbelievable? It's actually less than we'd expect on that bare projection alone.

    What's more, you've gone and assumed that all those votes for Biden in 2020 were votes for him ("yeah, Biden!") and not just against Trump ("ugh, no more!"). That failure of discernment on your part not only violates a first principle of electoral analysis, but happily ignores that the incumbent in this case was the most actively divisive president since Nixon (two full generations of memory), or perhaps more divisive; squarely sat presiding amidst the worst health crisis & one of the most threatening economic crises in memory; and had succeeded in getting impeached twice, in turning over clown cabinet members at record numbers, and in getting invectively criticized by lifelong government professionals from every walk of service who ordinarily stay quiet.

    Gee, what a surprise those electoral results were.... Couldn't've been anything but fraud, right? and fraud entirely undetected & basically unprecendented -- yes, yes, of course, of course...!

    I too have a strange coincidence for you: Your "conclusion" is, as it turns out, a Trump talking point. Go figure.

    And yet you make pretensions to be a data guy! In the words of your cult leader, "Sad!".

    * ]

  12. Turnout is higher when a candidate is more popular. You just spilled a very unnecessary amount of ink.

  13. "81 million" "votes" were cast for Biden. That is the evidence.

  14. ...which would -- in Ellul, no less -- involve me in חשש נדר (לא אלי).

    I think I'll just stick to being mindful!

  15. ...or when the opposing candidate is especially loathed.*

    Your reasoning truly is, as you put it, "farcical" -- which is why, my "ink" is indeed wasted on you, agreed.

    ( *Or, אין צריך לאמר, when everyone has been sitting at home 9mos into a pandemic. Really never occurred to you? Truly extraordinary....)


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