Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Why do conservatives view CNN as a very liberal biased news source?

 But today, creating drama to foment a reaction is a good business plan. People who want similar things need to hate each other for no apparent reason other than the label of being right or left.

The media machine needs you divided. They understand the power of a united democracy that’s utterly uninterested in stupid articles disguising themselves as legitimate news stories.

This is funny and sad to me.

Because both sides are fairly equally barking only when they believe it serves the interests of their advertisers.

Nobody who works at CNN or Fox actually cares if you read their stuff. They care that you come back.

They care that you’re instigated. They care that they instigated something in you.

The thing with the internet is that if something becomes bad on either side, they can just delete their ‘news’ story. Say, a lot of people start to hate CNN for something they posted? It’s gone. Fox News posted something that got a massive negative reaction? Poof.

They lie. They both lie.

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