Thursday, August 5, 2021

Black Lives Matter tweeted in support of Palestinians, not Hamas

After 11 days of military confrontation that left hundreds dead, Israel and Hamas agreed to a cease-fire following a unanimous vote from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet to end the assault in the Gaza Strip. 

Activist groups and politicians in the United States and abroad have been weighing in on the conflict, with more progressive Democrats urging the Biden administration to be tougher on Israel and Netanyahu. The official Black Lives Matter Twitter account showed support for Palestinians in a May 17 tweet.

"Black Lives Matter stands in solidarity with Palestinians," the tweet says. "We are a movement committed to ending settler colonialism in all forms and will continue to advocate for Palestinian liberation."

 The Black Lives Matter tweet indicates the organization's support for Palestinians, not Hamas. Several websites have corrected their stories to reflect that fact.

One Facebook post shows a screenshot of a Daily Wire story with a headline that reads, "Black Lives Matter Declares 'Solidarity' With Hamas In Israel Conflict." The headline has since been updated to say "Palestinians" instead of "Hamas."



  1. nonsense,

    they supported Hamas missiles and terrorism, that is why they did not support Israeli victims.

    Had they only cared about the Palestinian civilians, they would condemn outright the missiles of hamas. It is like the looting and riots in America - did anyone condemn it outright, or only give perfunctory ethics classes for beginners?

    here is a better view

  2. Really facts don't matter? The Post article is simply based on a lie

  3. Facts do matter. Perhaps if they supported the German wartime effort without mentioning the nazis, but criticize Churchill for killing those poor civilians, you would still support blm.

  4. Right, all the chants from "Palestine from river to sea", no hostility towards Israel there, right?
    They cheered when Hamas fired on Israel, cried when Israel hit back, but yeah, it's all about the so-called Palestinians.

  5. Facts matter. Big Media trying to rewrite history not a generation later but within a few months when people actually still remember what happened matters even more.


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