Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Why are US troops pulling out of Afghanistan now?

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  1. Here's the fake narrative you're helping to spread:
    Trump decided on the pullout. He set the timetable. He set everything irreversibly in motion. Then he left office and poor Sleepy Joe got stuck holding the bag. But it's all Trump's fault.
    Except that's almost all a lie. Trump did decide on the pullout and I don't recall any Democrats saying "no, no, we've got to stay!" So they approved it.
    But nothing else was written in stone. Biden came in and just passively let the clock tick down. Give the Taliban a few good hits before leaving? Plan well in advance so there wouldn't be a panicked flood at the airport? Plan to destroy weapons depots and fighters and helicopters left behind so the Taliban couldn't grab them? None of that. The Taliban have an air force and heavy weaponry and armoured vehicles now, and that's all on Biden.
    So the media has to go into overdrive: Trump! Trump! Trump!
    Keep it up and you'll just hand more and more seats in 2022 back to the GOP.


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