Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Why people still believe climate change is fake… and why we know they're wrong


Fake Claim 1: Climate change is part of a natural cycle

 We’ll start by giving you one. Yes, there are natural cycles. For instance deniers love pointing to 17th century Dutch oil paintings as proof of a mini ice age, of all things, because they often depicted frozen lakes. Of course it only takes a few days for a lake to freeze, and even fewer to thaw. The role of “palaeo” scientists, like Mike, is to check whether recent changes look like past natural cycles. They don’t! The changes in the last 40 years are too big, and too fast. In fact, the most powerful cycles we know about are slowly pushing us towards a colder climate. 

Fake Claim 4: The models used to measure climate change are unreliable

 Fake Claim 6: There’s no scientific consensus

Fake Claim 7: The big conspiracy

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