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6/12/21– Shiur 326 – Lace Top Sheitels – Are They permissible?

 bottom line - if you follow Rav Moshe it is nothing new and is permitted as hair covering

In addition Rav Moshe held it is the women's mitzva and since she clearly has halachic justification- husband can't tell her no

  6/12/21– Shiur 326 – Lace Top Sheitels – Are They permissible?

June 11, 2021

What's the difference from these to other Sheitlach? Is there really a difference? Can you see the hair underneath? Is there a problem of Maaris Ayin? Is it going against the Torah's will? 

with Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz - Rosh Yeshiva Aish Hatorah – 12:05
with Rabbi Shmuel Felder - Poseik BMG Lakewood – 14:03
with Rabbi Gedaliah Oberlander - Rov, Heichal Menachem, Monsey NY – 17:24
with Hagaon Rav Reuven Feinstein - Rosh Yeshiva Staten Island – 23:48
with Rabbi Daniel Ahron Coren - Rov, Monsey NY – 29:15
with Dini Weinberg - Dinis Wigs – 53:41


  1. Was rav elyashiv opposed only to Indian (idolatry) wigs?

  2. In general, Rav Elyashiv did not oppose women wearing wigs, provided, that the wigs were styled modestly.

    Ashrei Ha'Ish (Even Ha'ezer, Vol. 2, p. 123):
    אשה נשואה חייבת לכסות את כל שיער ראשה במטפחת או פיאה, בהתאם למנהגים. וכבר פורסם שפאות ארוכות מהכתפיים, או תסרוקות פרועות אינן מדרכי הצניעות, ואסורות.

  3. It must be an old teshuva (rabbanut days). He made an issur on wigs from Indian idolatry hair.

  4. Note, this Indian hair ruling is actually in line with his position, that women are allowed to wear modest wigs, provided, that they do not have a side issue of idolatry.

    Rav Elyashev didn't "make" an “issur” on wigs from Indian idolatry hair. The prohibition of deriving benefit from offerings to an idol; is not a new one. It's prohibited by Torah law, and is codified as one of the 613 Commandments, by the Rambam (Lo Ta’aseh 25), Sefer Ha’Chinuch (329), Smag (Lav 45).

    Rav Elyashev merely determined that the Indian hair being marketed, does indeed have the status of תקרובת עבודה זרה.

  5. What do each of the above interviewed rabbis hold on this issue?

  6. The Explosive Topic of Lace Front Sheitels


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