Monday, August 30, 2021

Rabbi brothers suspected of sex abuse at their Jerusalem yeshiva

 An ultra-Orthodox rabbinical court has found that two brothers who head a Jerusalem yeshiva have for years allegedly sexually assaulted their high school and post-high school students.

In a Friday ruling, the panel of five prominent ultra-Orthodox rabbis said that brothers Yitzhak and Moshe Tufik present a “serious threat” to students and advised that no students should enroll at their Be’er Yehuda yeshiva, located in the Sanhedria neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Yitzhak is dean of the upper yeshiva and Moshe is dean of the high school yeshiva, which is well-known in the Sephardic ultra-Orthodox community.


  1. “An ultra-Orthodox rabbinical court has found that two brothers” Sorry not reading these allegations. “Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people לא תלך רכיל בעמך; neither shalt thou stand idly by the blood of thy neighbor לא תעמד על דם רעך: I am the Lord.” (Leviticus 19:16).

    Can’t we have Torah from Rabbi Eliezer Melamed? See “Towards the Yamim Ha-Nora’im (The High Holydays), we review the foundations of emunah (faith) and the ways of developing it. Consequently, I thought to publish excerpts from the book I am working on, concerning matters of emunah, and the negation of avodah zara (idolatry).”

    Allow me my letter today to the NYS Court of Appeals:
    “1.I request permission to submit these papers concerning my Motion for Leave to Make a Motion dated August 17, 2021 Return Date September 6, 2021. I'm attaching an affidavit of service proving I mailed by UPS true copy to Susan and to TIAA.
    2.Appendix A: Supreme Court of the United States letter August 18, 2021 states:...
    3.My Motion for Leave to Make a Motion dated August 17, 2021 Return Date September 6, 2021 is based on fraud of TIAA, late Judge Rigler, late Judge Garson, Judge Pesce, Judge Ambrosio, Attorney Myla Serlin, Judge Eric Prus. The Court has my evidence.
    4.I claim that Rigler/Rothbart exceeded their authority when they imposed a freeze on my TIAA pension (1994-1997) and also in their fake/phony 1995 Rigler Order of Separation. I claim TIAA and Judge Prus exceeded their authority in ordering 55% of my pension to my opposition with no end in sight.
    5.Evidence of fraud: Inquest August 1, 2013 [defendant not present at the proceedings]:
    6.I ask the Court to render a judgment or opinion on my claim of fraud and not just brush me aside. I quote the Bible, Book of Job Chapter 31:13 Did I ever brush aside the case of my servants, man or maid, when they made a complaint against me? 14 What then should I do when God rises; When He calls me to account, what should I answer Him? 15 Did not He who made me in my mother's womb make him? Did not One form us both in the womb?”

    Wow, the Supreme Court of the United States sent me a letter dated August 18, 2021!

    I write in my August 23, 2021 letter:
    “2.It's now 30 years since I moved permanently to Israel. Throughout these 30 years I conducted myself calmly and properly. I hired Ian Anderson to defend me. Ian Anderson left me when the late Judge Gerald Garson threw him out of his court for no good reason December 2001. I paid Ian some $10,000. Ian wrote excellent legal papers. I always followed Ian's legal advice. We never had disagreements. I continued with calm and persistent legal writings, always following court rules. I made it a rule with myself never to write in a bad mood. What I write stays and is permanent. I want to be proud of all my writings.”

  2. Is that Taliban yeshiva network, or Isis-K?


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