Thursday, August 5, 2021

Fact check: Joe Biden has condemned violent protests in the last three months

 Tens of thousands of social media users are posting memes that claim that Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, has been silent for over three months on the issues of rioting and violence and has only just denounced them because of a dip in the polls. This claim is false: Joe Biden has denounced riots since protests after the death, just over three months ago, of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man who was killed after a white police officer knelt on his neck.


  1. Your obsession with Trump is unhealthy. Your insistence on seeing him as 100% evil and his opponents as 100% virtuous is beneath your considerable intellect.

  2. Your insistence on guzma and need to criticize is unhealthy.

    Trump is plainly a narcissistically self-serving person... yes, even to the point of qualifying as "evil". That's so plain-as-day that your failure to recognize it faults your considerable intellect.

  3. I don't know what guzma is , but this post is not related to Trump per se.

  4. Why constantly defend Biden? Because he's the anti-Trump.

  5. Means "exagerration".

  6. This article defends no one. It's a fact-check piece. (That's one of the core tasks of journalism.)

    If someone publicly calls you out for sadistically dismembering cats for fun, and I pipe up and say that not only have you never, you're allergic to cats and likely never could have (let's say...), so how dare they fabricate an accusation that's so wantonly heinous, etc...?
    Does responding thus somehow automatically classify me a "Garnel-sympathizer"?

    Think, fella, think...!


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