Monday, May 24, 2021

Only 60% of Israelis think Yigal Amir murdered Rabin — poll

 The case against Amir was clear-cut. He was caught on video raising a gun to Rabin. He calmly confessed to the police, re-enacted the crime for them, and never recanted his testimony. 

 Fringe conspiracy theories have emerged over the years positing a number of possibilities other than Amir being the assassin. The theories rely on some purportedly ambiguous facts surrounding the night of the murder: claims that the bullets were blanks, witnesses who say they didn’t see blood at the scene, an abnormally long drive to a very near-by hospital. 

Both the court that convicted Amir and the subsequent Shamgar Commission, established to investigate the chain of events leading up to the assassination, rejected the conspiracy claims, and concluded that Amir was guilty of murder.


  1. This is actually one conspiracy theory which seems credible. There are waaaay too many inconsistencies. Same with Hevron and Goldstein.

  2. I think invoking the authority of the courts is tenuous at best.
    Think about it: any organization that wants to assassinate a prime minister and pin the blame on a political enemy will have the courts primed and ready to deliver the verdict they want. To assume that corruption stops at the courthouse doors is naive.


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