Friday, May 14, 2021

Elise Stefanik's leadership rise stirs up GOP drama over identity politics

In a column posted shortly after Cheney was removed from her post on Wednesday, the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin contended that the "most obvious reason" Republicans had settled on Stefanik, whose voting record has raised eyebrows among the party's most conservative members, "is because the party -- though it supposedly abhors identity politics -- needs a skirt to hide behind as it jettisons a strong, independent-minded female colleague."


  1. Well yes, and that's why Tim Scott is a rising star. It's important for the GOP to show people that Blacks and women are not all Democrats. The Dems very much want to create the belief that if you're Black or a woman, there's something wrong with you if you're not a flaming liberal Woke. Yet large numbers aren't and the Dem propaganda is pushing them into silence to avoid being labelled race and gender traitors. So yes they're doing this. Cheney was dumped because she was anti-Trump, not because she was a woman and this is the message they're sending.
    (Now, dumping her because she was anti-Trump is a problem for a different rant)

  2. Democrats are obsessed with race and gender. These are nonissues with Republicans.


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