Saturday, May 22, 2021

Biden: Dems still support Israel, intercommunal fighting in Jerusalem must stop

 President Joe Biden on Friday said there has been no shift in his commitment to Israel’s security, but insisted a two-state solution that includes a state for Palestinians remains “the only answer” to that conflict.

Biden spoke at a White House news conference on the first full day of a ceasefire after 11 days of Israeli-Hamas fighting.

Biden, speaking at the end of a visit by the president of South Korea, also played down the idea that the newly ended fighting had opened a rift among Democrats, as scores of Democrats split with Biden’s “quiet diplomacy” with ally Israel to publicly demand a ceasefire.

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  1. Biden and Pelosi are the past. AOC and her Squad are the future. When Biden retires in 2024 and if Harris then beats Trump then the full anti-Semitism of the Democratic party will come to the fore.


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