Thursday, May 20, 2021

‘In world’s view, Palestinians are the weaker side’: Inside Israel’s PR war

 “But self-damaging Israeli hasbara makes it so easy for him, for example with the ‘before and after’ IDF Instagram post he cited celebrating the demolition of the Gaza media tower — what he called the ‘triumphant meme.’ And most substantively, Israel leaves the door wide open to its critics, and dismays its supporters, by failing to effectively explain, in real time, when things go wrong.”


  1. Why don't American Israelis handle high level PR and damage control for the IDF?

  2. Haha
    PR not easy, with amalek.
    Actually Bennett was quite good,.
    The problem is that the woke left don't want to know. They have sympathy for the pilishtim, and don't want Jews to be ahead. They will deny self defence. They deny that the pilishtim started it.
    When I debate with muslims online I tell them that the Quran accepts the Torah as divine, and in fact Muhammad said that Israel belongs to bnei Yisrael. Some of them accept this.

  3. Because you still need to get the reports out and if AP, reuters and the rest aren't interested in broadcasting it, it won't happen. And if Fox broadcasts it, AP and the rest dismiss it as nonsense.


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