Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Congress split into two different hemispheres

 So, there are two distinct hemispheres on Capitol Hill now. One where lawmakers appear to make progress and may yet solve some seemingly intractable political and policy issues. Infrastructure. Police reform. Protecting the Capitol. Even probing the riot itself – although House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy,R-Calif., now says he opposes that package.

And then there is the other hemisphere where the wounds of January 6 and the November election never seem to scab over.

 Sometimes, lawmakers may even cross over into both hemispheres, depending on the issue or the politics. It’s not uncommon for there to be dichotomies on Capitol Hill. Strange bedfellows. Members working together on one set of issues. Opposing each other – sometimes vehemently – on others.

But rarely has it been so personal. So raw. So exposed.

And that’s why these distinct hemispheres may never merge.

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