Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Republican congressman calls out 'bogus' claims by GOP colleagues trying to downplay the Capitol riot



  • Representative Fred Upton, a Republican from Michigan, said on Sunday that some of the claims his colleagues made about the Capitol riots are bogus
  • Paul Gosar, a Republican from Arizona, claimed the FBI was targeting 'peaceful patriots' when it arrests Capitol rioters
  • Andrew Clyde, of Georgia, said that if you did not know the footage from the riot was from January 6 'you would think it was a normal tourist video'
  • Jody Hice, meanwhile, said it was Trump supporters who were killed in the riot
  • Upton said at least one of his colleagues who made these claims was there that day and he does not know what would motivate them to make these claims
  • Lawmakers are trying to hammer out a deal to create an independent commission to study the events of that day
  • It remains unclear whether House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy will sign off on it, but some want him and the former president to testify

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