Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Republicans' dishonest war against 'critical race theory'

 For years now, conservatives have been spinning a narrative that the left is trying to destroy academic freedom. Easily "triggered" liberal "snowflakes" on campus are too sensitive to the rigorous arguments of speakers like Milo Yiannopolis and Ben Shapiro, and so "woke mobs" shout them down instead of engaging with their facts and logic.

It's a load of nonsense. But meanwhile, conservatives (naturally) are waging an actual assault on academic freedom. They are whipping up a frenzied moral panic about something they call "critical race theory," attempting to use state power to muzzle left-wing academics and suppress the study of history and racism, which they intend to supplant with their own delusional propaganda.

 The conservative picture of "critical race theory" bears no resemblance whatsoever to reality. Much like "cancel culture," which is now just a mindless catchphrase conservatives use to deflect blame for anything from trying to overthrow the government to stuffing a racehorse full of steroids, their version of "critical race theory" is a made-up bogeyman being used to whip up a screeching panic among the conservative base so as to suppress honest discussion about American history and racism.


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  1. Something "they call critical race theory"? Are you serious? CRT came up with its term all by itself. It came up with cancel culture, triggering and safe spaces and now that the right is finally pushing back, they claim the right invented all these things?


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