Wednesday, January 13, 2016

David Wax sentenced to 7 years for kidnapping and torturing husband to give a Get


  1. This is his reward for turning in Mendel Epstein?

  2. Was wax also by the meeting at belskys house with Kamenetzky , Epstien and Woolmark when they signed the siruv against Ahron?

  3. Them his reward for testifying against and getting Epstein locked up must have been to let his wife off with a slap on the wrist while he takes the fall.

  4. She supposedly only covered up the crime. Following the cab that took him to brooklyn.

  5. That was probably all part of the plea deal.

  6. Bryskman also testified that R. Epstein was not involved in his abduction and torture. It WAS R. Wax, not just him 'taking the fall'. But his sentence was reduced due to his active planning and cooperation in producing the sting operation that ensnared R. Epstein.
    He did try to place Ari Epstein at that event, but Ari proved that he was across the country.

    I know that we disagree on R. Epstein's deserving his sentence, but I hope we can agree that it seems odd that the man who cooperated and aided and abetted the FBI in trapping R. Epstein did worse deeds to ACTUAL people than R. Epstein 'did' to the fictional one he was convicted of conspiring to abduct.

  7. I think you're too hung up on each of the technical convictions while ignoring their long histories of violent assaults that Epstein got away with prior to getting convicted.

  8. Disagree. Epstein had been doing those things to actual people for decades. It was his business model. Wax did it as a one-off. The sting allowed the feds to catch Epstein doing what he always did anyway. That's how stings work.


  10. Why did Wax call Ari Davis the day he dropped off Bryskman in Brooklyn?

    While this does not prove his guilt beyond a doubt to a jury, it certainly raises many valid questions.

    No matter how many times you will deny it, the reality is that Mendel Thug Epstein did this many times throughout his vicious career. Yes, he may have done many good things. That should be what you use to advocate for him; not by mitigating the horrible things he has done. Denying his well-known, horrible crimes will backfire. Speak about the good.

  11. 1) The BDA is not considered a leading "Beit Din." This should be clear from their documented behavior in this case. As will become more public, the leader of their court has ignored halacha/law many-a-time in divorce proceedings.

    2) This sting operation is incomparable to the horrible pedophilia...

    A) No one in that group ever endorsed abusing children.

    B) They did not claim that pedophilia is what that group's rule require and endorse - as opposed to Epstein.

    C) Those were personal weaknesses - not a movement endorsed by certain thugs.

    the profound plight of an agunahwas largely kept from the jury by the judge.

    Mendel Epstein "helped" many fake agunot, as well as many women who were turning their husbands into agunim.


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