Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky receives support - not for being right but for being a gadol!

update: Those who signed were told that it was a private show of support for Rav Kaminetsky and that it would not be made public. The original text is the first version. It was modified after it was signed to indicate that the support was also for Rav Shmuel's psak. Lakewood was flooded with the second version which contains the loyalty clause regarding psak. Third version claims that the 2nd version was a forgery to cause machlokes - it is now the dominant version in Lakewood
One of the great tragedies of the this crises is the way the issue of a heter which is causing a couple to commit adultery - is being avoided. Neither Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky or Rav Nota Greenblatt have actually defended their actions. The following excuses for not discussing the heter is 1) it is complicated so don't mix in 2) I didn't investigate the facts but depended on a psychiatrist who must know what he is doing or else he would damage his reputation 3) I didn't pasken but relied totally on somone else 4) It is worse to criticize a gadol then to commit adultery 5) Rav Kaminetsky and Rav Greenblatt have done so much for Yiddishkeit - how dare you open your mouth.

SECOND VERSION  - added it is Torah requirement to fully accept his psakim
THIRD VERSION: Claims the second version regarding psak is forgery to cause machlokes

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