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Jewish Press defends Mendel Epstein torture gang against US Justice system

This is the Jewish Press's protest against the "chutzpa" of American justice to defend husbands against kidnapping and torutre in conducting a sting operation which resulted in the convinction of Mendel Epstein's torture gang. It simply shows how feminism has become more important than commonsense and that any and all crimes are accepted if it promotes the freedom of women to do what they want. I don't think they would have written this nonsense if the crime were Muslims torturing women for not obeying their husband or the KKK lynching Blacks and Jews. Why is abusing others in the name of religion acceptable only when it is women who are the beneficiaries?  NY Post

We were dismayed by the picture of prosecutorial excess compellingly painted in last week’s front-page essay by Washington lawyer Nathan Lewin. Mr. Lewin wrote of the case of three rabbis convicted and sentenced to long prison terms in an FBI sting operation involving an ostensibly forced get. It points to an alarming trend in our country of selective enforcement and should be required reading for all who cling to the simplistic notion that America is a place for exclusively even-handed justice.

The three rabbis were induced to agree to participate in a fictitious forced Get featuring a fictitious agunah and a fictitious recalcitrant husband. To be sure, the underlying “facts” in a sting operation – which is ordinarily an acceptable prosecutorial tactic – are by definition fabrications. But there is a chilling overarching element in this episode. In unprecedented fashion, in order to make its sham operation more believable to the three rabbis, the FBI insinuated itself via an elaborate charade into the bet din system, securing the issuance of a seruv by a leading bet din against the non-existent husband.
Sting operations must be based on a target’s predisposition to commit a crime similar to the scripted crime. And while it was charged that the three had earlier engaged in forced Get procedures based on the claims of three alleged victims, can anyone recall even one sting operation mounted against a Catholic institution or clergyman in the wake of the countless charges of sex abuse involving priests over the past two decades? Can anyone imagine the uproar that would have ensued had a Catholic ecclesiastical court been purposefully manipulated by governmental authorities?

How does the FBI’s Get sting square with the seeming obsession by the courts to keep police authorities at arm’s length from mosques and emasculating any program of monitoring despite the fact that virtually all perpetrators of terrorist attacks cite their allegiance to Islamic jihad? And what would be the reaction if the FBI had acted toward a Sharia court as it did toward a rabbinical court in the case of the three rabbis?

Moreover, the rabbis were tried (in the same trial) for their “sting crimes” as well as charges that they had actually administered beatings to three recalcitrant husbands. Yet they were acquitted of all charges except for the fictitious “sting crimes.”

As the Lewin article makes plain, the profound plight of an agunah was largely kept from the jury by the judge. And the judge’s draconian sentencing, essentially for committing a manufactured crime, reflects no appreciation of that plight or the notion that people would be motivated to try to help.

Certainly the harm ordinarily caused by recalcitrant husbands seems not to have been in play. All that seems reflected in the verdict and sentencing is that the rabbis colluded to inflict bodily harm. So people are going to jail for a long time without having been convicted of a “real” crime despite federal prosecutors’ efforts to so convict them.


  1. The Jewish Press and Nathan Lewin also overlook a basic fact.... These guys did it for MONEY.This was an opportunity for Epstein and his sadisdic group to torture and get paid for it.Good old ADMOR OF TORTURE made money out of this ....some holy guy.
    Hey Nate stop besmirching our religion for your law practice.Go retire and move to the ohel to learn the Rebbe's maamarim

  2. fedupwithcorruptrabbisJanuary 17, 2016 at 7:08 PM

    I am not surprised that Naomi Mauer the editor would write an article about this, as she herself harbors hate towardsother men from her divorce ordeals. 1. The Jewish Press has a Seiruv page with a list of men published for 15-20 years. 2. She herself flew 3000 miles to the Kin Divorce trial in Los Angeles to attempt to give false testimony and Have Meir Kin jailed! It is no wonder that she is "disappointed" with the Epstein verdict!

  3. Notser te'eino yochal piryah. They all got what they well deserved. As to why for these, because the Kol Kol Ya'akov stung to the Yodayim yedei Eisov vesikeil es yodov. Lock them up and throw away the key, and treat the Jpress as an ir hanidachas. It is your turn to cry and lick your wounds. This is what happens when you go against the Torah and raise a Rasha's hand over Reiacho, our dear Brethren.

  4. How was Mauer involved in the Kin divorce trial?

  5. Laundering money through two non profits in structured transactions is not a real 'crime'.

    Issuing a false business record (BDA seruv) is not a real crime.

    A record of other beatings (some involving crossing state lines) is not a real 'crime'.

    Next week -- a pidyon shvuim appeal, a la rubashkin (without getting into the merits of the rubashkin case.)

  6. A number of years ago, when ME started representing husbands, the JP cut off his column, and publicized ridiculous unsupported accusations that he was 'involved' with his female clients and girls in his BY. It was so ridiculous, even they had to stop, which they never do.

    Nowthey go back to supporting him. After all beating is more important than truth.

  7. While Nat Lewin, may have some knowledge of the legal system, he is obviously a sore loser on this one! Additionally, how does he sleep at night, defending such low life's? Whatever law knowledge he may have, obviously, he has absolutely NO knowledge of Halacha! Being that he seems to enjoy the company of M. Epstein, I suggest that he request a bed in a nearby cell, & he can spend his retirement years together w/Epstein!

  8. They should stop paying Royalty for lending his picture on the Red Devil paint cans. Good Riddens. Dis you see the picture above R'L'. He should be prodded like a Korban pesach, tsli esh. Even Jack the Ripper cowers him.

  9. Why can't anyone address the prosecutorial excesses here? (Government witnesses LYING on the stand... counterfeit religious documents being used in other Beit Dins to get false judgements; PERVERTING our Beis Din system.)

    Why can't people understand that SOME men are evil, and short of physical threat would NEVER have freed their wives.

    Of course, an innocent man getting beaten for no reason would be an outrage, but somehow here, there is NEVER a solution for the true agunah.

    Just accusations concerning R. Epstein.

  10. why not come right out and say that any man who refuses his wife demand for a get should get a bullet between his eyes?
    Aside from the fact that gittin produced in this way are posul because of get me'usa. The wife could accomplish the same thing by simply have a Get written and falsely claiming that her husband gave it to her.

  11. Who really cares about prosecutorial excess, even taking your assertion that it occurred? If there was prosecutorial excess in convicting the head of the Italian Mafia since he covered up very well the hundreds of murders he committed, world we be decrying those "excesses" used to take him off the streets?

  12. The_Original_Bored_LawyerJanuary 18, 2016 at 8:32 PM

    "Aside from the fact that gittin produced in this way are posul because of get me'usa."

    Well if it literally is a bullet in the eye, then get becomes a moot issue.

  13. Why don't I say that?
    Because I don't believe that, that's why.

    What I AM saying, is that the FBI produced counterfeit Halakhic documents, perverting our system of Batei Din, and using them set up a sting.
    Whatever..., no one here seems to care, as long as the ends justify the means. (I get the Mafia comparison... although it is not accurate.)

    Are you saying that every 'get' in the history of gitten that was procured using violence, or the threat of violence, in the whole history of Jewish marriage and divorce.... is Posul?

  14. Why the straw man argument?

  15. please reread what you wrote.

    the Shulchan Aruch provides the rules for use of force - any Get that is forced inappropriately according to the Shulchan Aruch is a Get Me'sua and is posul

    Are you saying that contrary to the Shulchan Aruch that any husband who refuses to give his wife a get can be forced by violence or threat of violence and the Get is still good?

  16. why is it a straw man argument? You have no problem using violence against husbands and you approve of Lewin's claim that violence used to obtain a Get is justifiable. It isn't a big step to simply say that killing a man who refuses to give a Get is justifiable.

    Put another way, if Mendel Epstein killed a couple husbands in the course of beating them to give a Get - would you think he was an evil man? Or would you say he didn't really mean to kill so he should not be held accountable?

  17. Politically IncorrectJanuary 19, 2016 at 12:48 AM

    Very difficult to sympathize with what he did to many of my friends. I was in court 5 times. Heard him on tape. Very difficult to commiserate. hired him? What for, to knip your ex cheek? Or as Tamar Epstein's lawyer said that he was paid 60,000.00 to "holler" at Aharon? Come on.....

  18. Why can't anyone address the halachic excesses here? (Rabbis conducting sham beis dins, rabbinical courts issuing seruvim to non-existent people, PERVERTING our Beis Din system by failing to bother to investigate a woman's story in any meaningful way).

    Why can't people understand that SOME men are evil, and short of arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment, would NEVER have stopped their joint life of crime and abusing the Beis Din process.

    Of course, withholding a get for no reason would be an outrage, but somehow, to too many people, there is NEVER an acknowledgement that you don't become a criminal or a halachic Robin Hood to solve problems.

    Just accusations concerning recalcitrant husbands. And sour grapes against federal prosecutors.

  19. I never hired anyone for these purposes.
    And I'm sorry about your friends, but it seems that everyone here knows of 'many' cases where beatings occurred, but you have to be the first who has 'many friends' who had left their wives Agunot.

  20. Dear R. Eidensohn,

    It's difficult to understand where you read from my words that I believe that an 'inappropriately forced' get is allowed.
    I NEVER wrote that 'any husband who refuses to give his wife a get' should be forced.

    But this is not 'any husband', but a SPECIFIC husband who has, contrary to beis din's ruling, refused to give his wife a get. She is the only woman who has the right to call herself an Agunah.

    And from here, (that I supposedly believe that any man, whose wife wants a divorce must give her a get,) now you claim that I would justify murder?

    I thought that this was a serious blog.

  21. You have many friends who were beaten up by Epstein? How many?

  22. If there really was prosecutorial excesses, and or government witnesses lying, the aggrieved defendant's can still sue the prosecution.

    Yes, i have a cousin who'se ex husband refused to give her a get. He wanted visitation. She (and her parents, my cousins) were shocked. Every other shabbat, tuesday or wednesday, etc. They actually thought visitation is at the mother's discretion. No entitlement to visitation. Every toain they went to refused to represent them with this attitude.

  23. This case might be moot, but it creates an atmosphere. Which is what the commenter wants to create. Look at the great scheme.

  24. @FrumSarah, do you believe a storyline that Mr. Epstein never organized the violent physical beatings (and threats thereof) of men, or that he doesn't have a widely known (for over two decades) reputation as the go-to guy to arrange for the physical beating and threats of such against men?

  25. The Torah was given with rules and it SO rules. When the Jews wanted a second chance for Korban Pesach, or when Bnos Tslofchod asked for their fare share by Lomoh Nigora, Moshe Rabeinu didn't BULLY in to have his way. He consulted Hashem for a solution. Like you say, somehow here, there is NEVER a solution. Perhaps the Torah knows a thing or two, why not to beat the ... out of the Husband, to force him for a Get just because she thinks she might do better. Perhaps when you trust her, she will come up with all kinds of lies and even buy off Korach ve'edodso for a Yohr Eidus, along with some worthless Doc's one sided evaluation and Getting BOGUS Heterim and pollute the Khal H' with Mamzerimlach. Do you have a solution for mayim she'ein lohem sof? Can you explain why there weren't equal rights for a woman to have multiple husbands before R' Gershom? In your opinion, that is your solution even for today, R'L'.

    Just look at the pictures above, it talks volumes. The Butcher of Bagdhad * RAV TABACHIM * is now put away for good. Hashem has Spoken! NNTR ty

  26. Your logic also justifies Isis acquiring women by force, and if they resist they kill them. The Heter is makish yetsia lebiah, and what Mr. Lola wants, Mr. Lola gets. NNTR ty

  27. You misquote me, assume I assert positions that I do not.
    I think that if you read again my position here, it is clear.
    But as I don't wish to be misquoted, I deny what you write that my point actually is.

  28. As you write in your first paragraph, that is exactly what is going to happen.

    Your second paragraph reminds me of a case... I even know of a husband, whose wife was claiming abuse, etc, who even went to civil court in Israel to force her husband into a support and custody agreement counter to halacha who RAN AWAY from Israel before a Tzav Ikuv Yetsia could be issued... and I supported him. She falsely claimed to be an Agunah.
    Some people do not understand the halachic ramifications of the term.

    There are bad apples among men, women, Goyim, Jews....

  29. As you write in your first paragraph, that is exactly what is going to happen.

    And the purpose of Lewin's lie-filled piece was to prejudice future juries and judge, as well as the public.

    There are bad apples among men, women

    Mendel Epstein is one of them. No, women are not "right" 95% of the time.

  30. Ok, I agree with you wholeheartedly that some men ARE EVIL! Just so as not to go off tangent, I will quote you and your position here.

    ... ---"Why can't people understand that SOME men are evil, and short of physical threat would NEVER have freed their wives.

    Of course, an innocent man getting beaten for no reason would be an outrage, but somehow here, there is NEVER a solution for the true agunah. "...---

    1) *Physical threat*

    Did you look at the picture above? Does that look like the result of a *threat* to you with all the black and blue footprints. The picture speaks for itself, worth more than a thousand words.

    2) *an innocent man getting beaten*

    And what about beating up an innocent HAM SANDWICH in Absentia? Why wouldn't that be an outrage?

    ***This is what happens when you let the cat watch over the milk! Kindly Read this sentence over and over again, until you get the POINT!***

    There are marriages on a scale anywhere from 1 to 10, and everything in between. There are women and recalcitrant rabbis along with rabiners and gangsters accepting orders upon request with No questions asked, even when you clearly specify e.g. that you just only think you can * DO BETTER*, as long as you pay your dues. And there are many Ham sandwiches in absentia that SO testified in Court. There are mouse traps for those that are in denial that such mice do exist, it's called a *STING OPERATION* ! This sting was able to prove what money can buy. Amongst them, To divorce a non-existent husband by serving him a Seruv in Argentina, Convening a BD to order him a Chiyuv Get in absentia, if he didn't rofl comply they get a Goon Squad after him to beat the Daylights out of him, along with ORA HARASSERS to soften up the turf before going in for the kill. This is called a *YESH MEAYIN BD* and thereby declaring her *FREE*. Such an operation can cost you anywhere from 60K to 100K a pop.

    Rav Shternbuch explained in his Psak, why MEKACH TAUS cannot fly. If you permit such, then the HOCUS POCUS will soon follow.

    And FOLLOW it did!

    Since potentially you can perform such on ANY Marriage for any reason under the sun, and there goes the WHOLE Institution of KEDUSHAS BEIS YISROEL the whole foundation of Marriage down the drain. YES, and this goes ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP! Take the biggest Roshe Yeshivos in USA, and the leaders of their Botei Dinim that are even equipped with An$hei $onei Bet$a min haMehadrin, and for MONEY you can buy anything and everything from them, even a GET or a FALSE HETER if necessary. They will lie on behalf of you BIMLO MUVEN HAMILA, teach YOU how to lie, falsify Documents, procure you a Get by hook or by crook, when that fails they will provide you a HETER MEKACH TAUS, as long as you lubricate their wheels with $onei Betsa bloody money. If you have no lubricant money, No need to apply.

    RAV SHTERNBUCH has the worldly support of ALL THE TRUE GEDOILEI HAPOSKIM as posted here DAILY. This is the POINT my dear, and this the TRUTH, and the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!!!

  31. No, it actually doesn't.

  32. Again, a quote taken out of context.
    No, women are not right '95% of the time.'

    If this is an accurate quote at all, it is regarding cases that reach the point where a Beit Din has given a Psak that a woman is due a Get, and then the husband refuses.

  33. No, my logic does no such thing.

    I've never encountered such an educated blog where numerous posters keep telling me that I'm saying things, or justifying things, or stand for things that I most clearly do not.

  34. Why don't you ask Joe Orlow, the President of Anti ORA called ORAphA.. He has a ready made compile list. He also takes care of the mighty inivincible Big Bullies, so that they should know.

  35. Why then did your friends beat up R' Aron F a fine gentleman. She asked for a Get for all the wrong reasons, he offered it to her but Lola refused. When the father of the little girl wanted to shep a little yiddish nachas from his only daughter so she hired goons to beat him up instead, ambushed him and all that in front of his own little child. Harotsachto vegam yorashto?

  36. FrumSarah says” Why don't I say that [OK to kill the
    man who won’t give a get]?

    Because I don't believe that, that's why.

    What I AM
    saying, is that the FBI produced counterfeit Halakhic documents, perverting our
    system of Batei Din, and using them set up a sting.”

    Radical feminists crossed the line. I quote

    (internet 2012):

    “Supporters of Tamar Epstein, whose ex-husband, Aharon
    Friedman, refuses to give her a religious divorce, have been pressuring
    Friedman's boss, U.S. Rep. Dave Camp, R-Michigan, to fire Friedman. They have
    protested in front of Camp's office, signed a petition at, started a
    website ( and in February, bombarded Camp's official
    congressional Facebook page. But Susan Aranoff, director of Agunah
    International, which supports Jewish women seeking divorces, said social media
    has little effect because many husbands still are resistant after all the
    bullets have been fired."

    In the Talmud all women have a momentary outburst at
    their husbands and say: Divorce me! Once the woman made a donation to Agunah,
    Inc., in Mendel Epstein's cases, he used his Star Chamber to force the man to
    give the Get without hearing the man's side. The indictment cites Mendel
    Epstein saying:

    “I guarantee you that if you're in the van, you'd give
    a Get to your wife.”

    “He laughed about how he would keep police off his
    trail in Brooklyn, where he also lived.

    "They couldn't try me in Brooklyn," he's heard
    telling the agents. "The whole jury would be women. They'd say 'Hang him
    (the husband). Kill him!'"”

  37. it is regarding cases that reach the point where a Beit Din has given a Psak that a woman is due a Get, and then the husband refuses.

    When you say a Beis DIn has a given a psak, to which the husband is defying - do you mean a true Beis DIn which has proper authority and jurisdiction, or do are you including some kangaroo "beis din" that
    A) Does not have jurisdiction
    B) Was never accepted to serve as the Beis Din
    C) "Tried" the case without the husband even being present.

    It is clear that any one of these types of "botei din" are invalid. Furthermore, if one party paid the "beis din," while another party did not, then the beis din is disqualified due to bribery.

    Please clarify what type of beis din your referred to. Thank you.

  38. Politically IncorrectJanuary 21, 2016 at 8:05 PM

    Ah, my dear friend, arein in meine kishkes! THAT. not what I have said, if that's the way you take down information, what kiyum can you have for your kishkes?! I had one friend who was beaten by him (and I don't mean he himself, I mean hired goons), I had one friend who helped his ex make false molestation charges against him, I had 2 friends whom he double crossed, I also met a lot of people who had their ex being represented by him, who had unpleasant experiences and I mean drastically unpleasant, too many. ....... I had to do with him. ....then in court I met also one too many people who were beaten up because of him.....incidentally, I also think of them as friends. ....look, you're also, my friend. ......

  39. Politically IncorrectJanuary 21, 2016 at 8:23 PM

    Please see what I answered kishka yum.

    As far as 'agunot' are concerned, I sat recently during part of his trial where he had a very poor record of determining who is an aGOONa. After receiving $10,000$, he 'decided' NOT in the other spouse's presence that he was 'obligated' to give a get. And then we know that this $$ brings more of this $$$$, or in nicer terms, 'mitzvah goreres mitzvah' and that brought another charge of $$$60,000$$$ to 'do the work' and the rest is history. ....


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