Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Boy cuts off his own hand to atone for Pakastani preachers mistaken allegation of blasphemy

Late one night, the imam Shabir Ahmad looked up from prayers at his mosque to see a 15-year-old boy approaching with a plate in his outstretched left hand. On it was the boy’s freshly severed right hand.

Mr. Ahmad did not hesitate. He fled the mosque and left the village, in eastern Punjab Province.

Earlier that night, Jan. 10, he had denounced the boy as a blasphemer, an accusation that in Pakistan can get a person killed — even when the accusation is false, as it was in this case.

The boy, Anwar Ali, the son of a poor laborer, had been attending an evening prayer gathering at the mosque in the village, Khanqah, when Mr. Ahmad asked for a show of hands of those who did not love the Prophet Muhammad. Thinking the cleric had asked for those who did love the prophet, Anwar’s hand shot up, according to witnesses and the boy’s family.

He realized his mistake when he saw that his was the only hand up, and he quickly put it down. But by then Mr. Ahmad was screaming “Blasphemer!” at him, along with many others in the crowd. “Don’t you love your prophet?” they called, as the boy fled in disgrace.

Anwar went home, found a sharp scythe and chopped off his right hand that same night. When he showed it to the cleric, he made clear it was an offering to absolve his perceived sin. [...]


  1. Sick religion led by sickies

  2. On the one hand, it shows how powerful Islamic indoctrination can be, but on he other hand............wait, there is no other hand.

  3. "Late one night, the imam Shabir Ahmad looked up from prayers at his mosque
    to see a 15-year-old boy approaching with a plate in his outstretched
    left hand. On it was the boy’s freshly severed right hand."

    Eh, no. Ask any medic. If not treated very quickly the boy would have lost consciousness and died of blood loss. Either the whole story is made up, or the 'freshly' bit is.

    In any event, I am struggling to understand what this has to do with the theme of this blog, ie matters connected with Yiddishkeit, more precisely matters of Jewish identity. Yes I know, nobody is forcing me to come here....but I like to know whether bloggers are consistent and rational, or of a more random spurious nature...My approach to the contents of their blogs and how reliable I treat the information contained in their posts depends on this point....

  4. Shimon - don't know what your difficulty is. Try reading the classic sources - including gemora, Rishonim Achronim, Mussar and Chassidus. Did you ever come any mention of other religions and how they compare to Judaism? Or perhaps you might pay attention to your davening - e.g., Aleinu.

  5. Yes of course.

    But not ‘plonked down’ without any sort of context…. Never have I come across in gemora, Rishonim Achronim, Mussar and Chassidus a standalone paragraph setting out some bit of news about another religion.

    Please provide an example of where a standalone paragraph, completely out of context, is suddenly brought in any of the classic sources, without any follow on, explanation or connection (or contrast, as the case may be – ie in Aleinu) with Yiddishkeit. Like you have done.

  6. Don't know what is bothering you. This is a blog not a Ramchal or Zohar text

  7. Funny

    I'm not sure your intending to also reference Fiddler on the roof. If yes kudos.

  8. These articles make me appreciate, that whatever extremes there are in the frumme velt. It pales in comparison to these guys issues.

    I'll take a vigorous debate about separate sides of the street in mean shearim any day over severing hands in the Islamic world.

  9. It was meant as a triple entendre.

  10. Confused what this has to do with the jewish identity and daat Torah...
    Can someone please explain it to me?


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