Thursday, December 10, 2015

Aseh L'cha Rav - The importances of establishing a Rav for yourself

Aseh L'cha Rav.

I have, and have had, many great Rabbonim as teachers.

My Rabbi growing up was Rabbi Arthur Bogner, z"l a Man of Truth. His sons-in-law had a Yeshiva Ohr Torah D'Brisk where Rabbi Dovid Eidensohn learned as a young man. Rabbi Herzel Kranz Shlita of the Silver Spring  welcomed Aharon Friedman to our Minyan. Only because certain members of the community rioted and seemed poised to close down the Shul is it that Aharon does not Daven here where I am now composing this post.

Many of my Rabbis had opponents and challengers. Rabbi Bogner, at a time when I believe he was the senior Rav on the local Vaad, left the Vaad over a matter of principle. Some local Rabbis opposed Rabbi Kranz building the SSJC.

My advice to young people: research and explore and examine the corrupt Rabbis, and discover the Men of Truth on the opposing side. And then sit in the dust at their feet and hold on with all your heart, soul, and might.

Under the guidance of Rabbi Dovid Eidensohn I am building a Yeshiva here that teaches the Old Fashioned Torah. Young Men and Women, you are invited to join our community and to live a life of complete Torah and Mitzvos.

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