Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Working mothers are penalized


The last three men nominated to the Supreme Court have all been married and, among them, have seven children. The last three women — Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor and Harriet Miers (who withdrew) — have all been single and without children.

This little pattern makes the court a good symbol of the American job market. Women and men with similar qualifications — age, education, experience — are much more likely to be treated similarly today than in the past. The pay gap between them, while still not zero, has shrunk to just a few percentage points.

Yet once you look beyond the tidy comparisons of supposedly identical men and women, the picture is much less sunny. There are still only 15 Fortune 500 companies with a female chief executive. Men dominate the next rungs of management in most fields, too. Over all, full-time female workers make a whopping 23 percent less on average than full-time male workers.


  1. Dislike but, thank you for posting. When it comes to male verus female job opportunities, this is still one area where the country is lacking in equal opportunity. I think black women actually more more than white women because they get the government jobs that require a degree.

    My father before, he died, told me one time he thinks it's because women don't ask for raises as much as men. I've asked for raises and I've been turned down. I don't think that's it. A female friend of mine with an MBA was asked if she had kids in a job interview. She said screw it and told the guy off. He didn't have any post HS education. It was a Chareidi from Boro Park.

  2. "There are still only 15 Fortune 500 companies with a female chief executive."

    So what?


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