Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Final Cover - 3 variations

1 upper left
2 upper right
3 lower right

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Here are three variations. Two are similar except for how dark the cover is. The third version has the subtitle with a different font and without slant
I prefer the lighter version with the slant. My eye gets stuck on the subtitle when it is not slanted.


  1. My wife and I both like the bottom cover without the slant

  2. All are good, but I chime in for the cover without the slant. Torah, psychology, and law are intended to pierce the fog. The nachash, the symbol of deceit and ambiguity, is slanty. Torah is yashar. The home door could be slanted, and the words straight.

  3. I agree. The slant is to cheery for the seriousness of the subject, and the darker cover is too gloomy for a subject that needs a certain amount of clinical detachment.

  4. third time's a charmAugust 18, 2010 at 10:31 PM

    the last one is aesthetically the most pleasing.

  5. The last one is great if you take out the slant and make it straight.

    Actually, can we just vote out "the slant" and then look at all 3 variations with all 3 having straight font? The color and shade variations can't be judged independently here because some are associated with "the slant" and that variable takes away from their ascetic presentation as a whole.

  6. Sorry, I don't get it, what is that article at the bottom right. Is it supposed to be a door?

  7. upper left is great. but i prefer the coloring of the upper right.

    the italicised writing is horrible on the other versions and makes the whole thing look cheap.

    so get rid of the slant, and its upper right. keep slant on those editions and its upper left

  8. I'm also going to chime in on getting rid of the slant. I don't like it either.

  9. Um, can I ask what does this mean:

    "1 upper left
    2 upper right
    3 lower right"

    The order isn't increasing 1 to 3 as you descend vertically? As in, the top (what one might call "upper right") picture is choice #1, the MIDDLE (what one might call "middle left" or I GUESS what you are calling "upper left?") picture would be choice #2, and then the last one as you descend down the page and descend in numbers would be the Bottom (what one might call "bottom right") would be choice #3.

    Are you really saying with "upper left" (meaning the choice in the MIDDLE, and with no-slant) that this is choice ONE instead of choice 2? So the descending order is actually 2, 1, 3 instead of 1, 2, 3 ?

    Did people understand what they were voting for? I certainly did not comprehend this until now (maybe still don't).

    I'm glad now that I chose "none of the above" (Because I think the best would be top or bottom color schemes with straight font instead of slant), because if I voted for the straight-font I would have picked choice #2 - but apparently straight-font is #1, not #2, upon looking at the strange labels! Even though it's in the middle.

  10. I prefer the coloring of #2 (=medium darkness).

    However, I would recommend the sub-title being set straight, and not slanted.


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