Friday, August 27, 2010

Rav Sternbuch - Evil Children


  1. "Modern day psychology proposes that the best way to raise one's children is to give them whatever they want. They propose..."

    As a psychologist, do you believe that Rav Sternbuch is correct in this assertion of what modern day psychology proposes?

    What would he say to the first paragraph on this page of an intro to psychology textbook?

    kol tuv,

  2. Rabbi Sternbuch is absolutely incorrect in his understanding of what modern psychology teaches. He is completely ignorant of the fact that there are three parenting styles identified in psychology by Diana Baumrind-authoritarian, permissive, and authoritative, the latter of the which is viewed as the ideal parenting style and is seen as a golden medium of allowing children to act in a rational, issue-oriented manner, without strictness or a lack of boundaries. He should have identified "modern psychology" instead as "modern parenting styles," considering that in mdoern days, there is a lack of even moderate, authoritative parental guidance and boundaries in how many parent.

  3. This week's parasha says "Arur mekaleh aviv ve imo"

    Does this also apply to this situation:

    While driving in a car, a father touches his 15-year old daughter on the very upper, inner part of her left thigh and asks if she feels something special. She freezes, feels a tickling, but answers "no".

    The incident does not repeat itself.

    Years later, the daughter experiences a psychologic crisis and reveals the incident to the psychiatrist. He says it has no importance.

    The father, confronted with the incident, says he cannot remember it and therefore it did never take place.

    The daughter reveals this incident to other family members (most of which do not believe her).

    Is the revealing of the incident to other family members (mother, who does not believe, aunt, uncle) a breach of "mekaleh aviv ve imo"?

  4. It is very troubling that so many in Rav sterbuch's so called inner circle and home minyan attendees publish his shmuzim and converstaions. These tracts are re-writen not verbatim with the writer using creative license.

    Rav Sternbuch is very articulate and is knowledgable regarding the outside world, his opinions and "Psak Halacha" are makpid v'kanoiy without a shemitz of anger rather ony ahavas and kedushas Yisroel in hear and mind.

    It would serve justice to record and print Rav Sterbuch words verbatim rather than have bloggers pamphlet flingers, pashkevilers diluting the purity of his genuine words.

  5. cliff:
    given that Rabbi Travis appears to regularly write up these Divrei Torah, and that they are published in Yated Neeman, I would guess that Rav Sternbuch is well-aware that these are being printed. While there exists the possibility of error in transmission, I would *imagine* that Rav Sternbuch could and would look it over prior to publication. I could be wrong, though.

    Meanwhile, Rabbi Eidensohn has access to Rav Shternbuch, and so could simply ask him if that is what he meant.

    (While I am sure he is very articulate, I am not convinced as to his level knowledge of the outside world, particularly in those aspects he criticizes. I was previously troubled by his critique of Darwinism as progressionist, when it is categorically non-progressionist. So too later in this derasha, as to Einstein's theological beliefs.)

    kol tuv,

  6. That may be true, Cliff, but it seems that it's always the same Rabbi Travis who is doing these pamphlets and it leads one to suspect that perhaps he was given that duty by the Rav himself, since he so diligently writes out these articles with talk after talk given by Rav Shternbuch. I have yet to see anyone contradict claims he made in the Rabbi's name.

  7. I was not zeroing in on Rabbi Travis there seems to be many who publish, posture and say things or allude to thier actions being approved or proclaim actions disapproved in Rav Sterbuch's name.

    Last summer Rabbi Eidensohn published a rebuke by Rav Sternbuch of the violent Charedi protests.Being skeptical I asked one the "inner circle" if that published peice was acurate and he said "YES IT IS ACURATE, I WAS THERE WHEN IT WAS SHOWN TO RAV STERNBUCH".

    However with that said I have also seen many Blog posts some are completly outragous and others that are defamation and hersay of blogesphere enablers. Some allude to being approved by Rav Sternbuch without any writen approval or veryfied.

    Mt Concern is. Allthough one or some posts are acurate does that make the person a mouth peice of acuracy for Rav Sternbuch.


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