Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nefesh B'Nefesh & Aliyah

I personally witnessed them.  They were two men sitting in the first class section of an El Al flight headed toward Israel.  Between the two of them they were holding on to some very small items with an illegal street value of well over one million American dollars.

They were both busy.  And working through the night.  Everyone else on the flight seemed to be sleeping. 

Not them.

 They were using computers – each of them with a powerful late model notebook.  It seems that they were cataloguing.  The items were not theirs and I had never seen so many of these items in one spot.

They were doing something unique.  Something that no one else had ever done before, it seems.  This required another, more careful, look. [...]

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  1. Nefesh bnefesh is a wonderful organization and will be remembered for eternity in helping to bring hashem's children home.


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