Thursday, August 5, 2010

Prophetic Malbim Describes August 2010 Discovery

Five Towns Jewish Times

There is a remarkable Malbim on the book of Jonah 2:4.  The Malbim discusses how Jonah was caught in a river under the sea – where the waters of the river were separate from the ocean waters.  Until this month – this was generally thought to be a physical impossibility.

Below, however, we find an article written by Richard Gray – the science editor of the British newspaper the telegraph.  The results are striking.  The reader is urged to see the Malbim with his or her own eyes.  The term utilized by the Malbim - “Levav Yamim” clearly means sea bed.

 “Researchers working in the Black Sea have found currents of water 350 times greater than the River Thames flowing along the sea bed, carving out channels much like a river on the land. [...]

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  1. Is that necessarily prophetic? Maybe it was something ancient peoples knew about through experience and was simply "rediscovered" in a scientific manner with empirical data/demonstration/quantification in the modern era.


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