Friday, August 13, 2010

Abuse book - Cover 4

This is a compromise between those who want an emotional eye catching covering and those who want a dignified scholarly cover.
There are those who view this issue of abuse as a battle between the forces of good and evil and therefore they want me to use this book as an atom bomb  or at least a karate kick to stir things up a bit.  However I view this book simply as an educational tool. Most people who know me see me as a rather bland conventional follower of the establishment. I am not a fighter or revolutionary. I simply naively expect people to live up to the beautiful speeches about spirituality and Torah and the need to follow halacha that they regular produce and fill up books, magazine and newspapers   I like those speeches and I really belief them. In addition I plan to continue living in the community during and after the transition. 
I think the climate has changed significantly over the last year or two - that the concern now is how people are going to digest the changes that are perceived as inevitable (or will soon be perceived as inevitable) while proclaiming that this is the way it has always been done. 


  1. May I suggest that the subtitle be "Torah, Psychological, and Legal perspectives?"

  2. This is better than, 1 and 2, but I still stay with number 3, the crying child.

    Choice number 4 is parve and safe, but child abuse is war, and in war, it is best to go all out if you want to win. Number 3 correctly, and emotionally, conveys the child as a crying victim. People need to be constantly delivered that message. Child abuse inflicts harm. The more people who get that message, the better.

  3. This looks good if you take out the picture of the door. I think it's really out of place and looks rather "folksy."

    Also, the "Torah, Psychology & Law perspectives" needs to be in a different font because it's not spaced properly. It looks scrunched up. And I agree with the previous comment that it should be switched to psychological and legal rather than psychology and law.

  4. Also have to agree with Elliot Pasik, that so far the crying face cover has been the best of the bunch.

  5. 1- Great improvement...except that Barbie-esque looking door.

    I don't believe you need an icon. [Grayscale in the background, perhaps with chains across, might be effective] but this mixes a professional look with the look of book report cover done by an elementary school child who used clipart.

    2- I do believe we need to keep it professional, fonts are great..but can you keep it strcitly horizontal? why the slant?

    3- i agree with the above reader-
    grammatically it would be better to write: Torah, PsychologICAL (not Psychology), and Law Perspectives


  6. Why not produce a paper book jacket? You could sell the book with cover #4 and cover #3 as an additional jacket. This way the book could be sold in academic sections of the store with cover #4and also in regular areas with cover #3. You would then be able to market to 2 different groups.


  7. After more thought...the pink and blue homey door is unhinged, and slanted. We can now peek in, and if we are able, offer our help. Cover number three, the crying child, can be perceived as being too aggressive. It demands we feel guilty. Cover three is gentle persuasion. Cover four is a declaration of war. Child advocates need to know their audience. Which book is more likely to be left out on the living room table in the most homes? And recommended and shared? Both covers are kosher.

  8. Or you can write it differently:

    Perspectives in Torah, Psychology, and Law

  9. Recipients and PublicityAugust 17, 2010 at 11:58 AM

    The "door" looks too much like a matchbox or some sort of icon from Islam with those squiggles on it. Who ever saw such a door? Would anyone go into the office of a therapist who had such a door? It looks like a door that Alice in Wonderland would encounter

    How about a distinctively Jewish icon somewhere that on the symbolic level signals that this a Jewish book or a book tied in with Judaism, or even better, going back to the theme of a person on the cover which actually HUMANIZES the subject, how about a photo or image of your face on it, like on the latest English-language Rav Shternbuch book? Or the way, yibadel lechaim, Feldheim put an etching of the face of Rav Pincus' zt"l on his book covers. I guess it's what they call "branding" or something like that. Many products have "symbols" and "faces" a type of "logo" on them for easy identification. Just some thoughts.

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