Friday, August 20, 2010

Abuse Book: Last Appeal for Support

As you know the book is almost finished - I am still waiting for three
essays and I have about another week of editing left. I am going to ask
one more time for financial assistance (previous requests were largely
ignored). Anyone who wants to contribute can simply use the button on
the blog which is linked to my PayPal account. Despite all my efforts it
is possible that the book might simply be ignored. More likely it will
stimulate a healthy debate about the subject . It is also possible
that it trigger heated condemnations. Hopefully it will make a
significant improvement in how our families are protected from abuse.

If you think this book is worthwhile - perhaps even a major contribution
to needed change - then this is your last chance to get some of the
merit for producing it.


  1. Abuse is an extremely sensitive topic. It is very hard to expect people to support a work they have not read in its definitive arrangement, so that each one may decide for himself if we feel comfortable with endorsing it fully. I apologize if this comment is rude, feel free not to publish it.

  2. I just donated $100 to your PayPal account - as an owner of several of your earlier books and a longtime follower of this blog, I am confident that you will deliver a winning product.

    I look forward to holding a copy of your upcoming sefer in my hands in the near future.

  3. yosef your contribution did not get through

  4. Recipients and PublicityAugust 24, 2010 at 3:49 PM

    The phenomenon of your blog, or any blog in the blogosphere for that matter, has nothing to do with the real need and use of your forthcoming hard-copy book.

    The Internet and printed books are two entirely different mediums functioning in two entirely different spheres in multiple ways, and those who blog here are not the ones who will purchase and derive both a personal and professional benefit from your book, that should and must be marketed elsewhere such as at Jewish book-stores worldwide, and any other places where books are sold online. You need to have someone do your marketing to all the English-Judaica stores, and even to colleges that offer Jewish education courses that intercept with psychology.

    Perhaps you should think of ways to publish your books online, like an E-book and find other ways to seek out philanthropic support.

    Whatever you do, you have already succeeded and Hashem has already blessed you.


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