Sunday, August 8, 2010

Abuse book Cover 3

This was created by a reader. It is obviously a very stunning and powerful statement.
The issue right now seems to be whether to make an emotional appeal or to present a reasoned and calm legal statement
It seems the majority feel that I need to have a simple and dignified bland cover rather than something that grabs the eye and heart. I am  open to opinion. Obviously this is not simply a matter of taste but what will reinforce the message or cause it to be dismissed.


  1. You do not strike me as the "pop" psych type, but rather the dignified and serious type.

    I agree that you need a simple and dignified cover for your thoughtful and dignified book.

  2. In my opinion this is by far the best cover yet. Not sure that it is perfect, but if you want to sell books and get your message across it is (in my opinion) the best style of cover.

  3. It's certainly interesting. Very nicely done to whoever put that together.

    Problems: It's difficult to read the title with the white color font, so you would need to put the font in a color that stands out in that background. I also second a previous criticism in which someone cautioned against having too many titles and subtitles.

    Maybe change the bottom to "Perspectives in Torah, Psychology, and Law" so it doesn't look almost like a third title-subtitle pairing and is simply a collective subtitle to "Child and domestic abuse"

  4. "Created by a reader".

    It takes a Bezalel to construct a Mishkan. I hope you say, Yes.

  5. truth by any other nameAugust 9, 2010 at 1:48 AM

    using the image of a door, or image that doesnt tug so directly at the strings of the heart (or stomach) is IMHO more effective. People who feel you are trying to ring them in thru the emotional route will remain extremely skeptical.
    And better to cater to the skeptics than the people who are emotional about or sensitive to the topic already- once the latter find out about the book, they're coming to get it anyway.
    But people who claim to be level-headed, objective, rational people dont want to be "brainwashed" by emotionally triggering covers.
    And, in fact, i don't think that's your intent either. am i wrong?

  6. I think this cover is excellent. I think the legal arguments are critical and they need to be sound and solidly based in halachah. But halachah should not be divorced from the people aspect and the emotional effect these acts have on victims

  7. In general Professinal Journals and Seforim worth there weight do not need fancy and or artsy things if the Content is worthwile then you go plain and simple Its your call if you think your content is good no reasonfor these Covers

  8. Recipients and PublicityAugust 9, 2010 at 7:40 AM

    I vote for "something that grabs the eye and heart"!

    This cover is excellent, but on the face the white fonts get lost against the background, while the black fonts are almost non-readable. ALL FONTS MUST BE 100% instantly READABLE and LEGIBLE without recourse to squinting, closer looks, or double takes.

    Perhaps the face needs to be a bot more child like, it actually looks like a male face, but a younger face with that tear streaming down would be an improvemnt.

    This is definitely a move in the right direction.

    Here is a key principle in advertising that has been so succesfuly used on the catchy brochures of the NJOP, Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald's outreach programs:

    All advertising designed for NJOP by Kogan Enterprises Promotional Advertising follows the "WHO, WHAT, WHAT ???" principle, meaning "WHO are you are appealing to? WHAT are they thinking right now? and WHAT do you want them to think once they have seen your poster/cover/graphics?"!

  9. Recipients and PublicityAugust 9, 2010 at 7:44 AM

    By the way, the black on dark lettering at the bottom of the face make it seem like the person with the tear rolling down is male, and is also sporting a thin mustache, because children don't have mustaches and ladies aren't supposed to show theirs, so it makes the whole picture look sort of incongruous and makes one wonder how innocent and sincere the tears are altogether.

  10. Definitely much improved this time. Although I lean more toward Micha's nuanced suggestion (of a pic of a door mostly closed, only slightly ajar), I could go for this cover.

    Regardless of your decision on this one, please take note that issues of presentation (fonts, title placements, colors) are FAR improved with this cover. My only suggestion regarding such issues would be to place "Vol II" on the line below (but still Right-Justified, or maybe more Centered) in a smaller but capped font & spelled out "VOLUME II" and in a new color like dark red. (Against such a mostly black-&-white cover, will give the suggestion of underlying pain.)

  11. Haunting. I think this is done very well.

  12. RAP - I don't understand why an adult's tears can't be sincere or should be considered any less so.

    Personally I do not like the door idea.

  13. A suggested improvement: have another horizontal white bar in the middle, from below the eye to above the tip of the nose, and have the title within the bar in black lettering. That might help with the readability, while keeping the overall design of the cover (which I think I is fantastic).

  14. This cover is much better
    you will sell more books
    it is perfectly dignified
    and the point that there is a suffering victim needs to be brought home. The photo is an effective means.

  15. Great cover.

    If each white letter possesses a black outline, this might also mitigate the white-on-white readability issue.


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