Friday, August 27, 2010

Which Shul to choose

Five Towns Jewish Times

When one visits Israel, one often faces a quandary: Which shul should one daven at on Erev Shabbos? The choices are often between nusach Sephard and nusach Ashkenaz, or one where there is a Friday evening speaker or not. Should one daven at the more yeshivish minyan or the regular one? In this article, a third factor will be introduced which, at first, might seem to be not such a serious issue but after some analysis appears to be irrefutable.

But first some background. The Navi Yishayahu (58:13) tells us, “Vekarasa leShabbos Oneg—and you shall call the Sabbath a delight.” The Gemara in Psachim (68b) understands this as an obligation to take delight in Shabbos through good food and drink.[...]

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