Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cover revised with room


  1. no, the one before was better...

  2. This is pretty decent actually

  3. I like it. A shifted perspective for the subtitle is a great compromise between "slant" and "no slant."

  4. Something vaguely horror movie-ish about it. But so too the others. Kosher.

  5. In my opinion its perfect!

  6. As someone who didn't like "the slant", I echo Chizki's comment that the shifted perspective for the subtitle is a great compromise between "slant" and "no slant".

    This shifted perspective also appears to be pointing to the "door", suggesting that the ideas of this book lead to the portal which leads to new vistas of knowledge.

    I also like the contrast of the shading. Abuse is "in the dark", while the "door" is in the lighted area. This suggests that beyond the door is information and insight can lead the person out of "darkness".

    Just to conclude, is it my imagination that the door appears to be slightly tilted to the left? Is there a reason for this?

  7. I think people are overly darshaning the graphic on the cover, even if they make some great points about it.

    The door is appropriate because it's speaking about domestic issues, which happen inside the house. People aren't going to get all this symbolism and motifs, they're just going to read the title and see a picture with it and then look inside the book if they're interested.

    I like this new design, but was there a sharper font for "Child and Domestic Abuse" before? It seems a bit blurry and less sharp than before.

    Also while I agree with the creation of a side wall panel for the "Torah psychological, etc" subtitle, you may need a clearer font there as well - the shadowing makes it difficult to read.

    Also, having it parallel to the side wall's edge (noted above as a "compromise") may or may not be a good idea - but something is wrong here... "Perspectives" is not in line with the other 3 words (Torah psychological & Legal). They all need to be one font style and parallel to each other most importantly. Parallel to the wall's edge is a catchy effect, but it's hard to judge right now because Perspectives is parallel to the edge (ie, it's "slanted" so to speak), but the other words are not. We have a composite, where it's impossible to judge that particular affect. I recommend having Torah, Psychological & Legal Perspectives all as a uniform font style, and then compare two views as a whole - one view with that whole subtitle slanted parallel to the bottom edge of that side wall, and compare with the other view, with the whole subtitle having the angle that "Torah, Psychological, and Legal" currently have. Then use whichever looks better, or pose both options for readers to vote on.

    And maybe I'm wrong - Maybe if we see them all with the same slant, either parallel to the bottom edge of the wall or not, perhaps the way you currently have it with half the subtitle slanted and half not slanted will look better. I just tend to think that uniformity works best in font situations, without having seen it for comparison. If I was better skilled in graphics I would download the image and try out these permutations myself.

  8. It's great, R' Eidensohn. Good job!


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