Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time Magazine Poll:Mosques & Muslims

Time Magazine Poll

While the poll revealed that prejudice toward Muslims is widespread, respect for other religions traditions remains sturdy. Respondents held the Jewish faith in the highest regard, with 75% professing to hold a favorable impression-just slightly higher than attitudes toward Protestants and Catholics. Fifty-seven percent say they have a favorable view of the Mormon faith, compared to 44% for Muslims.


  1. History has shown that anytime they go after Muslims, Jews are next.

    Jews have been expelled 108 times from Christian countries.

  2. Recipients and PublicityAugust 19, 2010 at 7:26 PM

    "Jersey Girl said...History has shown that anytime they go after Muslims, Jews are next. Jews have been expelled 108 times from Christian countries."

    Both Muslims and Christians, lords and peasants, Communists and Fascists have been doing the annihilations and expulsions of Jews picking up steam in the last century, but now the main difference is that the final destination of the expelled Jews is the last stop on their galut-cycle, Israel !

    Welcome home after 2000 years of wanderings, expulsions etc.

  3. The worlds isnt as anti-semitic today as it was, especially Christians. The only problem is the world is becoming more and more anti-Israel, as Israel becomes more and more accused of various crimes, such as the Goldman report and other violations of human rights. This is a serious problem that Jews need to decide how to protect themselves from the the fallout.

  4. Unless you get expelled from Israel too, which is very possible.

  5. "History has shown that anytime they go after Muslims, Jews are next. "

    The statistics here do not support that claim. They appear to refute it.

    The math here (with this poll) is simple. In the modern era, the current period that we actually live in, none of these religious traditions are physical dangers to Americans. None of these are murdering Americans.... Except Islam. That accounts for the disparity in numbers. Not a "prejudice" against Muslims. Whatever "prejudice" exists is earned by the terrorist attacks inspired by Islam - prejudice - suspicion of the victimizing faith and its practitioners - is a rational response to that, not a symptom of "hate" or racism or any other PC code-word. What do you expect to happen in response to the terrorism that targets Americans? Prejudicial favoritism for Muslims?

  6. Yes, every Jew in the world should go to Israel because it is a concentration camp.

    The only concrete benefit that the State of Israel has provided to the United States is the absorption of millions of Jewish refugees from Europe, Arab countries, the former Soviet Union, and miscellaneous states such as Ethiopia. Most of these Jews would have preferred to live in the United States and in fact applied for admission to the U.S. We were able to turn down their applications for immigration in good conscience. As long as the State of Israel exists, which grants automatic citizenship to any Jew who shows up, we can turn Jews away from our borders without risk of an embarrassing mass killing.

    It was not always this way. During the 1930s the average European Christian had the following preferences:

    1. (most preferred) Jews alive and well but living somewhere far away, e.g., North or South America
    2. Jews dead
    3. (least preferred) Jews living in Europe or somewhere else that would inconvenience Europeans

    It is currently fashionable to demonize Adolf Hitler and the Germans who voted for him and his policies. However it is worth pointing out that Hitler original plan was not to kill Jews; he wanted to take their property and then kick them out of Europe. The U.S. and Britain, which together controlled the seas, were the largest obstacle to the German plan of expelling Jews. The U.S. would not accept Jewish immigrants. The British White Paper of May 1939, backed up by the British Navy, closed off Palestine. Under the White Paper no more than 75,000 Jews would be admitted to Palestine during the succeeding five years and after that all immigration would be at the discretion of Arabs. Nazi Germany's "Final Solution" was a solution to the problem of "there are no countries that are willing to accept Europe's Jews", not to the problem of "we really enjoy killing Jews and how can we kill as many as possible?"

    Following the war, Americans changed their minds about Jews. Today the average American would probably express the following preference list:

    1. Jews alive and well but living somewhere far away
    2. Jews living in the U.S.
    3. (least preferred) Jews dead

    If the Arabs were to conquer Israel and fail to kill all of its citizens, there is a high probability that the Jewish survivors of that war would wash up on American shores. How happy would the the average American gentile be to live alongside Russian and Middle Eastern Jews who don't share his culture, language, and values? A 2002 Anti-Defamation League study found that 17 percent of Americans agreed with a long list of classical anti-Jewish statements and an additional 35 percent agreed with "Jews have too much power in the business world" or "Jews have too much control and influence on Wall Street". Slightly more than 50 percent of Americans therefore are uncomfortable with the Jews that are already here. Rather than get into a national debate on whether more Jews can be tolerated on our shores, we send money and weapons to the Israelis.

    Imagine that you had a fat drunk cousin named Earl living in a trailer park in Louisiana. Would you rather send $250 every month to keep him in beer and pork rinds down there or let him come up and move into your guest room?

  7. Yes, except one of the main reasons other countries would not accept Jews was the Zionists' lobbying of those countries to shut their doors to them, in order to force them to come to Israel.

  8. הברקת הגבעותAugust 22, 2010 at 7:01 AM

    Re: Jersey Girl Comment
    we do not need goiyim to put us in "the spotlight" or commit acts of prejudice against us. We do not need anti -semites to hurt us humiliate us, and harrass us. We/you do that to our own.


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