Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deporting Children of Foreign workers/USA & Israel

I received the following. It is important to note that this issue is a major one, not only in Israel but America where a child born in the USA is a citizen and the wisdom of that law is now being questioned.
Bartley Kulp wrote:

Rabbi Eidensohn, I was wondering whether or not you would be interested in opening a discussion the decision and debate on deporting children of foreign workers.

I know that some people may be reticent on discussing these issue saying that it is not an issue for the involving the frum community. My claim would be that since there are both dati leumi  [and chareidi] politicians and rabbis who are involved with the debate and the formulation of policy, I would say that it is a legitimate discussion and an important one in light of the recent headlines.

I have not provided a link to any specific article because I know that most of us have probably read various articles and perspectives on this already. If you could provide us with a few thoughts on this issue or if anybody else may have comments I would appreciate it.


  1. Thank you for posting this. I just wanted to disclame a printing error. I meant to say that there are both dati leumi and chareidim in this debate. Not just dati leumi.

  2. It is interesting to note that in progressive Canada children born there are automatically Canadian citizens regardless of their parents status. This is just like in the US.

    However over 10 years ago they passed what would be a very draconian law. I say especially draconian considering that the liberals were then in power.

    At the time there was a very large phenomenon of women who would come into canada illegally or as tourists while pregnant. Or once in Canada they would get pregnant and have a baby. This would just about grant them automatic legal residency with the immigration court system.

    The reason being that in determining the worthiness of deportation the courts would also evaluate the well being of the child if such an order would be carried out. The fact that the child was a Canadian citizen of course would guarantee the right of the mother to stay in the country for the well being of the child. These children were commonly referred to as "passport babies".

    So... The federal parliament then enacted a law prohibiting the courts from considering the child's well being in theire deliberations.

    The result is and I think it may apply to this day, the mother has to go. She can leave her baby in Canada with relatives or the social services but she has to go. She can also take her baby with her. The baby who is Canadian will be free to return when he/she is an adult.

    Just to give a perspective on how progressive countries handle immigration issues.

  3. Seems to fit just great with Israel's ongoing and very successful plan to make itself the biggest pariah nation since SA.

  4. Wise Gut said...

    "Seems to fit just great with Israel's ongoing and very successful plan to make itself the biggest pariah nation since SA."

    You mean the same South Africa where pogroms were held last year killing migrant workers from Mozambique? I don't think so.

    Actually I don't see our enforcement regarding illegal immigrants any worse than in other western democracies. Regarding the treatment of legal foreign workers, that is another story all together. Legal workers are open to all sorts of abuse with little legal mechanisms for protection.

    While I would say that the situation is a far cry from the abuses that go on in lets say the Gulf states, there are many improvements that need to be made.

  5. Wise guy doesn't seem very wise to me.

    There are plenty of European countries ie Denmark, Italy & Holland who have finally woken up to the Islamist threat and are even stripping citizenship from those already naturalized.

    Nice Leftist agenda try of demonizing Israel alongside Pik Boetha's Pretoria.

  6. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/09/world/europe/09grenoble.html

    President Nicolas Sarkozy, battered in the opinion polls, quickly seized on the event as a symbol for a new campaign to get tough on immigration and crime. On July 30, about 10 days after the riots, he flew to Grenoble to make a fierce speech condemning violence, blaming “insufficiently regulated immigration” that has “led to a failure of integration.”

    He vowed to deny automatic citizenship at 18 to French-born children of foreigners if they are juvenile delinquents. He said he would also strip foreign-born citizens of French citizenship if they had been convicted of threatening or harming a police officer, or of crimes like polygamy and female circumcision, which are widespread in North Africa.

    “French nationality is earned, and one must prove oneself worthy of it,” he said. “When you open fire on an agent of the forces of order, you’re no longer worthy of being French.”

  7. Wise guy said...

    "Seems to fit just great with Israel's ongoing and very successful plan to make itself the biggest pariah nation."

    Are you talking about the the Apartheid regime? Or may be you are referring to the current enlightened Utopian paradise that saw pogroms against foreign migrant workers last year?

    Israel like South Africa. Pullleeze!

  8. Oh, sure. Let all the illegal Africans become a demographic majority in combination with the Arabs and let them vote the Jewish character of the state out of existence. Good luck to us living as Jews under a joint Sudanese-Arab dictatorship. Wow, people sure are stupid these days.


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