Friday, November 11, 2022

Three-Quarters of Jewish Voters Polled Blame Trump for Rise in Antisemitism

Adovish Middle East advocacy group has released poll results showing that a vast majority of Jewish voters attribute a recent rise in antisemitism to Donald Trump and his allies in the Republican Party.

J Street on Thursday published the election night poll finding that 76 percent of American Jews believe the former president and his wing of the GOP are responsible for an uptick in antisemitism and white supremacy. The poll also found 74 percent believe Trump and the MAGA movement are "a threat to Jews in America." The poll follows reports of increasing antisemitic incidents and as Trump is expected to announce another bid for the presidency.

The poll was conducted by research company GBAO on behalf of J Street, which describes itself as a "pro-Israel, pro-peace" advocacy group, and included responses from 800 self-identified Jewish voters who cast ballots in Tuesday's midterm elections.


  1. J Street blaming Trump for the rise in anti-Semitism is like the Satmar blaming Israel for the Holocaust.

  2. the democrats hate the republicans, and the republicans hate the democrats, and everyone hates the jews.

  3. J street did not run the study it is just reporting what was found,
    It is no secret that most Jews vote for democrats - even though in the chareidi world there has been a shift to the Republicans

  4. But why shouldn't non-religious Jews in American think that? The media only reports on right-wing attacks on Jews. A Neo-nazi posting something on Twitter gets national headlines. Daily attacks by Blacks on religious Jews in New York gets ignored. The media is invested in portraying all anti-Semitism in America as coming from one side and gullible non-religious Jews are all too eager to believe it because doing otherwise means they have to look differently at the people they idolize.

  5. Actually the South Koreans love us.


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