Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Putting all your eggs in one basket

 The Orthodox community have become strong supporters of Republicans - especially when Trump supported . They were expecting a Red Wave in the mid terms and strongly endorsed Zeldin  because he promised to support Yeshiva education. Mishpacha magazine and others were looking forward to the Jewish governor and demonized his opponent. 

Now that Zeldin lost and the "demon" is the winner, what leverage remains to lobby for Jewish interests?

Why were the gedolim so convinced Zeldin would win and be able to keep his promises, It is an old wisdom that seems to have been forgotten - that Jews need at least to appear to support both sides so it becomes "heads I win tales you lose". Instead they acted as a drunken gambler who puts in all his money because he is convinced that finally this time he will win - but he loses. We are in Golus and we are not surviving because we are political geniuses or beloved of the world community or even deserving to be pitied because of the Holocaust or always doing the right thing and thus are viewed as a light to the nations.


  1. Except that another blog documented the various large Chasidic groups that did support the Democrat in New York after she offered to out-bribe Zeldin.

  2. Wow so they will have influence but the majority of Frum groups came out strongly for Zeldin - especially the Yeshiva world who claimed they were doing it to save the Yeshiva system


  4. Maybe, but there's a lot of Satmars so there's a lot of votes there.
    Point is there wasn't this monolithic "We all vote Zeldin!"


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