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Zeldin & Lawler: Saviors or Actors?


Zeldin & Lawler: Saviors or Actors?

By Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter, Help Rescue Our Children

13 Cheshvan 5783 / November 7, '22 (VaYaira)

{We post here a few separate items relevant to these two races.}

Part 1:  To Compromise or Not: the Zeldin Dilemma -- Will Zeldin save Jewish Education?

As much of an advocate against morality and against preborn infant life N.Y. Gov. Hochul undeniably is, NY congressman Lee Zeldin (R) and his lesbian Lt. Gov. are also unacceptable.  This objection is especially due to their collaboration in advancing the existential threat posed by the Mabul movement, a.k.a. LGBTQ (more accurately ordered "BGTLQ"), as detailed previously, and below.  If we, as Orthodox value voters, support a flagrant lesbian who pledged to advance the LGBT agenda - as a Republican - and an Assemblyman (Mike Lawler) who endangers human-trafficking victims by stopping enforcement of anti-prostitution laws - and then tries to justify it by reference to transgender accusations against Law Enforcement officers -- then we send a terrible message the the Republican Party. We broadcast that even Orthodox Jewish values voters will acquiesce to actively support avid LGBT proponents - as long as they're ostensibly the lesser of evils. We would thereby advance the ongoing homosexualization and transgenderization of the only major party we can look to, occasionally, for fighters for foundational values. That ongoing threat is an existential one, politically speaking. As such, the threat posed to the Republican Party by our support of such deviant, anti-G-d candidates would not be outweighed by any advantages they would have over their Democratic anti-G-d opponents - yes, even Hochul, and even Maloney.  We therefore suggest protest votes, via names that indicate our concerns over the LGBT agenda being advanced by both Hochul and Zeldin. 

However, some Rabbis understandably feel that, in this particular instance, it's necessary to vote for what's widely perceived as the lesser evil - namely the morally degraded republicans - so as to avoid the more overtly subversive Democratic alternative. The prime justification for supporting such avid enemies of G-d and His Torah seems to be   the hope that Zeldin will follow through on his campaign sloganeering on behalf of Chinuch (roughly translated as "Jewish Education").*  Even according to that perspective, with which we take issue, it must be clear that these Republican "alternatives" are evils, even if quantitatively lesser. Celebration of either (via jingles etc.) is anathema.

[* As we explain elsewhere, Zeldin won't be nearly as good on life-related issues as he has been grandstanding.]

Q) As N.Y. Governor, would Lee Zeldin actually be better on  Chinuch than N.Y. Gov. Hochul would be? His performance seems convincing to many, but is it genuine, or are we being played?

A) In contrast to popular perception, the short answer is: practically speaking, NO, Zeldin cannot be trusted to be better for Chinuch. In fact, by decimating GOP opposition to the BGTLQ  movement, Zeldin, and his flagrantly lesbian running-mate, would ultimately advance the LGBT agenda -- including their long-standing Gezairas HaChinuch Educational Equivalency agenda -- more than any Democratic governor (of any "orientation") would, as explained below.

As a centerpiece of his electioneering act, Zeldin grandstanded to a group of concerned Rabbonim, pledging that the day after he's elected he'll submit legislation to undo the Educational Equivalency Regulations, recently passed by the N.Y. State Board of Regents. That performance was as genuine as a Zelensky bunker-photo-op. Zeldin knows that any such bill he presents to an overwhelmingly democratic Assembly is going nowhere, in the foreseeable future.

Additionally, Zeldin, and his Republican cast, know very well that the Educational Equivalency Regulations crisis will not be ultimately resolved by the governor of N.Y. In reality, (al-pi teva) a solution lies in the Courts, and ultimately the U.S. Supreme Court. Winning therefore requires  launching a smart, broad, national  PR battle to prepare for a successful outcome in the U.S. Supreme Court.

In his crafty "Vlodomir Zeldinsky" performance (passionately playing the intrepid savior of N.Y. Jewry from the Evil Demoncrats), Zeldin is actually distracting us from that effort (and from other races that matter more for Chinuch, especially State Supreme Court), exploiting the BGTLQ-fueled educational crisis to get our votes. Furthermore, any major Orthodox support for him and his homosexualist running-mate are also making it harder for us to embark on such a public campaign. How can we effectively form a nationwide parents alliance against the debasement of children under pretext of "Education" - if we ourselves vote for flagrant Republican proponents of the child-exploitative LGBT agenda (albeit as the ostensibly lesser evil)? The image we project with our votes now will come back to bite us when we have an opportunity to accomplish something significant to keep state -mandated indoctrination out of our schools.


For starters, this (edited) is from a reply to a supporter [please forgive any repetitiveness]:

"Dear Rabbi ...

You raise a crucial point regarding the pervasive perception that Zeldin will be better on the Chinuch problem. The truth is as follows:

1) Zeldin will - at best - be better passively, by (we hope) not doing harm, as much as Hochul MAY* do.

{* Hochul - realizing that "Grandstanding on Education Matters" - just recently issued a letter expressing a conciliatory attitude, indicating she may be better on the Chinuch issues than feared. Her expedience-inspired "MeToo" Chinuch pledges should be taken as such -- just as those of Zeldin should be taken. On the other hand, unlike Zeldin, if she actually wants to do something, Hochul probably could actually get something more meaningful done. We're NOT at ALL even suggesting to extend any support to Hochul. We're simply observing the fallacy of the mythological "great divide" between the two proponents of abomination, both of whose public policies appear incorrectly focused on the same parts of human anatomy.}

2) As a Republican, Zeldin most probably will be unable to pass any decent bill in the near future, against a democratic majority. (He'll justify, yet again, the apt descriptive "Republican't.")

"Equality," GOP variant: "Att Ve'Kalba SHOVIN"

3) Zeldin WILL - almost without a doubt - sign LGBT bills - and ones harmful to education. And, to the extent that we allow that to happen, can we claim that it won't be our fault, R"L? We know that Zeldin, performing as a  venerable "conservative" firebrand, opted to appoint a flagrant lesbian running mate for Lt. Governor, making LGBT "history."

What many do not know is that she publicly pledged, as reported in a N.Y. Post article, that she will advocate for "her people," meaning the LGBT mob, and their child-grooming crusade. Her advocacy will come at our loss; the more the "Law" recognizes flagrant displays of the aforementioned Alphabet Vices as Civil Rights, the less our religious liberties will have any meaning.

In particular, we need to be forewarned: IF we help elect these LGBT-obsessed Republicans, this depraved duo will {true to their Hollywood pedigree} definitely do significantly more damage in advancing the BGTLQ movement than any Democratic government could ever do. Specifically, as ranking N.Y. State republican office-holders, they'll decimate the remaining Republican Party opposition to the BGTLQ mob. Furthermore, they'll decimate the remaining sentiment in the GOP base against the Mabul Rainbow movement.

We who remain faithful to the unrelenting Torah abomination of the homosexualist and transgender agenda will, G-d forbid, be written off as bigots and pariahs. It won't take long for our people to be subjected to open persecution, albeit selective (in the initial Wiemar stage). Then we'll see how wonderful those "Conservatives" are, as Randall Terry cogently observed, after being sentenced to a stiff jail sentence for his pro-life activism, by a "conservative" judge. The fact that the Lt. Governor is a law enforcement officer could very conceivably work against advocates of decency in N.Y. State.

4) Zeldin likely will not do much - even via Executive Order - on the educational issues of concern, against the will of the majority Democratic legislators. That's because he has other, and higher priorities already pledged, e.g. crime-related. He will pick his battles, the way he wants, not the way we want.


Thus, we remain with the question: Precisely what meaningful advantages would Zeldin - and his running mate -  provide that would actually justify the Orthodox communities supporting him, and publicy so?


More: Voting for Zeldin or Lawler may fall under the issur of compromising with public antireligious efforts, Ha'avarah al HaDas, inasmuch as this type of cave-in is precisely what the bipartisan Mabul movement so desperately needs -- in order to undermine - from within - the Torah communities opposition to their Gog U'Magog Agenda [namely, warring against G-d - by separating His People from Him, via drawing us away from His Torah, (Aitz Yosef on Ester Rabba 7)] as follows:

The BGTLQ movement is undeniably embarked on an antireligious crusade, m'chaven laHa'avir al Ha'Das, in several ways:

1) promotion of immorality (z'nus) of the worst forms, including Sodomy, to the extent of celebration of same-sex marriage; and

2) promotion of kefira (heretical ideology), namely promoting legitimacy of those forbidden relationships, in flagrant denial of their "To'aiva" (abomination) status*; and

{* VaYikra 18:22, see Maharal Chullin 92b; Mishnas Reb Aharon 1:2:3:6 (greatest threat to Judaism is distortion of Torah); cf. top Rashi's in Brachos 35b}

3) their efforts to bribe, dupe, push or force us into teaching kefira to our kids, specifically via the "Civics" requirement to indoctrinate kids to "respect" even reshoyim who flagrantly flaunt BGTLQ conduct,*

{* as required in N.Y. State Education Law section 801a, as modified by the Dignity of All Students Act passed by "our legislators" in January 2010; although the N.Y. State Assembly voted twice for a bill to protect private and religious schools from this antireligious edictt, the Senate Republicans refused to vote on the bill, despite (or perhaps because) the fact that Cuomo would have had to sign it to avoid revealing the Gezairas HaChinuch agenda of the BGTLQ movement. }

Is there an effort to get Orthodox Jewish community support for open LGBTQ advocates - whatever the pretext? Yes. Does that not fall under the issur of Far'hesia (Sanhedrin (74a,b), Y.D., siman 157), EVEN IF supporting such a candidate would not be otherwise assur in THIS particular scenario?

Would not such support be assur, at least due to falling under the issur of an aveira done in circumstances of a mechaven le'ha'avir al Ha'Das?


More Background and Perspective:

Here's shocking evidence that Lee Zeldin, now grandstanding as the heroic savior of religious education, is guilty of failure to ensure protections for religious schools, when the Republicans had an ideal opportunity to do so.  The following is the bill that would have protected Yeshivas and Bais Yaakovs from the Dignity of All Students Act (DASA), which passed in early 2010). It limited "DASA" to public (=government) schools, thereby excluding religious schools. Senate Majority Leader Skelos stopped this bill, when Lee Zeldin was in the N.Y. Senate:

On June 17, 2011 this education bill passed the NY Assembly (first time) unanimously (soon before the N.Y. Legislature passed same-sex marriage into law). Then it passed the Assembly again on March  1, 2012. In both cases, the Republican'ts refused to pass the bill. (If they would have, then Gov. Andrew Cuomo would have had to sign it, to avoid giving the very clear impression that same-sex marriage was antireligious. At that time, those pushing same-sex marriage, who were intent on getting other states to go along, were very intent on pretending that passage would not undermine religious rights around the country. If they would refuse to pass an simple bill like THIS, they'd really look bad.)

So, Zeldin, where was your eloquent theatrical THEN, when it actually meant something? Did you only actualize your inner Hollywood after imbibing the recent Zelensky videos?


Immoral financial interests have helped dupe generations of frum voters into voting for Democratic subversives, in clear violation of authentic Torah values. Shall we embark on a second front, in which erliche Yidden are voting for Republican abominators - Le'Shaim Shomayim? Is that really the Ratzon HaShem now, as the western powers edge closer to "Nuclear Armageddon," as President Biden recently expressed it?


Alternative Action Plan:

We do NOT suggest leaving those spaces on the ballot blank. Rather, we urge voters to write in a protest vote that reflects the predominant objection we have towards both the Democratic and Republican candidates. It should be clear from that name chosen that we're protesting bipartisan advancement of the homosexualist, transgender agenda. In the Orthodox communities, many would opt to write in Rabbi Avigdor Miller (OB"M). In the broader community, Kim Davis would be a preferable name to use. (Alternatively, to inject a transatlantic flair, some may opt to write in Vladimir Putin, in light of the recent Russian parliament vote.*) In any case, the intent needs to be clear to be effective. We need to demonstrate to the political hacks running both parties how many potential votes their BGTLQ obsession is costing them.

{* (we take no responsibility for content at links) }


A previous article:



7 Cheshvan, 5783 / 31 October, '22

Zeldin B'Zadon: Grandstanding Against Crime - while Promoting the LGBT  Mob - and the Child-Grooming/Exploitive/ Abusive Agenda of transgenderist and homosexualist Organized Crime


For N.Y. Governor, we  urge writing in Kim Davis, or the like (for the same basic reasons as for our recommendation for doing so in the Maloney - Lawler race, further). To explain our perspective, we beg the indulgence of the readers.

Careful analysis strongly suggests that neither republican Rep. Lee Zeldin or Assemblyman Mike Lawler is a safe alternative to their Democratic (& LGBT proponent) opposition. They are BOTH undeniably avid, subversive BGTLQ (=To'aiva) proponents. IF these BGTLQ advocates would gain the support of religious Jews, and other profamily voters - all despite their brazen, avid advocacy of abomination (including Zeldin voting for same-sex marriage recently, and choosing an openly LGBT running mate, and Lawler voting for the dangerous N.Y. State LGBT Task Force, and voting for pro-Z'nus (immorality) legislation - in order to cater to preposterous LGBTQ activist accusations of police "discrimination" against transgender deviants) - that would signal the N.Y. State AND national GOP to keep pushing their homosexualist and transgenderist candidates. That terrible messaging would unquestionably accelerate the ongoing transformation of the GOP into Organized Depravity.


Debunking Additional Zeldin Myths:

1. Zeldin will certainly not fight the LGBTQ mob. He even appointed an openly "L" running mate for Lt. Governor, making homosexualist "history" for the Republican Party. Moreover, there's little basis to trust that he will abstain from ACTIVELY pushing the LGBTQ agenda, as he's done in Congress, including recently voting for same-sex marriage. And even IF (a big "if") he does so less than Gov. Hochul would - his quantitatively lesser advocacy would be likely be qualitatively more toxic - as a republican - in regard to (a) the actual change in law he would effect, (b) the degrading of the culture, and (b) the terrible impact on the GOP.

2. Zeldin will most likely not fight abortion. Recently, he even very publicly pledged not to. We don't even have reason to trust him to veto pro-abortion legislation that the abortion-obsessed democratic majority will push.

3. Zeldin will also be unable to stop the Educational Equivalency Regulations crisis from afflicting us via the educational legislation he grandstanded over. And he knows it. Until the Republicans take over the legislature in N.Y. State, he has very little ability to legislate anything really important in that regard. Zeldin grandstanding over the idea of putting forth a bill to combat the Educational Equivalency Regulations crisis shows how much he takes us for fools.

In a recent interview in the ostensibly frum media, Zeldin had the opportunity to wax eloquent about the values Yeshivos are obliged to transmit. He spectacularly passed up on the opportunity. He doesn't care about our core values, which explains why he's so comfortable voting for the ever metastasizing Alphabet Agenda, the agenda that already brought us the Great Flood, the Dead Sea, AIDS (along with its fallout healthcare and financial crises), and the N.Y. Educational Equivalency Regulations.

4  Zeldin won't be able to fight the ongoing violent street crime so easily, as he wants us to imagine. Again, he's fighting an overwhelming opposed legislature.

° Moreover, the alleged benefit of Zeldin would only materialize IF he'd win, AND IF he'd be both willing and able to follow through on his campaign sloganeering. On the other hand, profamily support for Zeldin will be disastrous - by worsening the BGTLQ trajectory of the GOP in any case - whether or not he wins, and whether or not he actually follows through on his campaign bombast.



Part 2: 

For Congress, in Rockland, we urge writing in Kim Davis. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D) is a known BGTLQ activist and leader, married to a similarly depraved male, and flaunts his same-sex marriage as well as the homosexualist adoption of his "adopted children." 

On the republican side, nothing that BGTLQ advocate Assemblyman Mike Lawler, supported by the homosexualist Log Cabin Republicans, would contribute in Washington would justify supporting him. That's partly because supporting such a pro-abomination advocate within the GOP would cause the Republicans to push more of the same, degrading the GOP even more, to the point where we'd lose both major parties to the LGBTQ movement.


Background Information:


A. Mike Lawler:


We're Being Played: Don't Enable the LGBT Subversion of the GOP from Within

October 26, '22

Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter

As the western powers waltz ever so nonchalantly towards nuclear war (apparently, after some of them willfully flung Ukrainians under the bus, in order to bleed Russian President Vladimir Putin), perhaps we ought pause to consider the Divine wake-up call that this explosive situation bears for us. Perhaps G-d is sending us a message that we're no longer to assume any entitlement to existence. Perhaps G-d is signalling (e.g. via President Biden's recent remarks about being closer to "Nuclear Armageddon" than ever since 1962) that Divine Justice is long overdue, in monumental proportions. To ignore these Divine wake-up calls is about as insane as it is suicidal.

Of course, G-d is The Source of all good and all compassion. For that reason, He provides more than ample opportunity for the West to  recognize our societal rebelliousness and to turn ourselves around. But, after certain point, Divine Compassion manifests as Divine Justice. When western society celebrates a movement dedicated to flaunting G-d, His Torah (especially Lev. 18:22, 20:13, and Deut. 22:5), and seeks to persecute sincere adherents thereof, and when western society squanders hope of turning back, then they are asking for Divine Intervention, in the form of ... annihilation.

It's happened before. In the days of No'ach, when the people became incorrigibly corrupted (approaching the iniquity bar established by the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2015, in their Obergefell vituperative) to the extent of recognizing same-sex marriage (VaYikra Rabba 23:9 on Lev.18:3), G-d exterminated them. He did so as a warning - for all of us. True, He pledged not to annihilate the world via another global flood, as indicated by the rainbow. However, the LGBT movement is inverting that very Rainbow symbol to flaunt His Will in regard to that very abomination, sodomy - and even same sex marriage. Thereby, they misportray Divine Goodness as weakness, G-d forbid.  Who of sound mind and body imagines that THAT will not trigger a demonstration of Divine Omnipotence, perhaps like never before? G-d has many means of Justice at His disposal. Right now, instead of a global flood of water, we're facing the specter of inundation by a global nuclear conflagration. And this is after we've seen what global havoc He can wreak with a tiny virus.

The dangers posed from without (including the BGTLQ+ mob and the anti-G-d western governments empowering it) are massive. However, what's even more dangerous is the danger from within. In the United States, the Republican Party, despite all of its formidable faults, has historically been the one party to which decency advocates have been able to turn, occasionally, in order to find candidates that will sometimes actually fight for morality. That is changing. The GOP is currently facing an epic threat from within. Transgenderist and homosexualist Republicans are working assiduously on subverting the GOP, morphing it into something far worse than most of us would imagine plausible. These Trojan Horse efforts poses an existential threat, not only to the Republican Party, but to the political process altogether.

If the GOP leadership sees they can win profamily people even with BGTLQ advocates (like Rockland County Assemblyman Mike Lawler, for one prominent local example), then the GOP as we know it will cease to exist. If that happens, G-d forbid, then opponents of homosexualism and transgenderism won't have a mainstream party, or any political party, to fight for us at all. The consequences of that would be disastrous. We'd be relegated to untouchables, and targeted for ostracism and persecution, making what we've seen up till now pale in comparison. Perhaps the worst part of it all is that, most likely, we would thereby be sealing the fate of society, by rendering a turn around all the less plausible. And the damage would be self-inflicted, by our own people rendering the ostensibly lesser evil morph into the more insidious evil.

It's not to late to adjust any decision to support ostensibly lesser evil BGTLQ Republicans in light of the reality of the situation, and reassessments thereof.


We copy below a previous alert (not fully edited) regarding Mike Lawler, to convey an idea of what we're facing:

{From an email initially sent out circa Aug.21, '22, and  edited subsequently}

Homosexualist & transgenderist legislation supported by NY Assemblyman Mike Lawler [R/Rockland]:

° 1) S6501 [A9648]: Assemblyman Mike Lawler voted for an LGBT Task Force, just as NYS had been avidly seeking to incrementally  control religious schools. Thereby, Lawler actually voted for to ramp up the antireligious cutting edge of the "Gezairas HaChinuch" (Educational Equivalency Regulations detailing application of N.Y. State Education Law), by voting for an "LGBT Task Force" - which would be used by Regulators to write more antireligious regulations state-government-wide, including Educational Regulations, like the controversial ones recently certified by the N.Y. Board of Regents. (Lawler voted prior to that Educational Equivalency vote by the Regents in early September '22.)

On the first day of Sukkos, and on Shabbos of Sukkos, we read Haftoros regarding the war of Gog U'Magog, who will war against G-d Himself. How so? By drawing Jews away from Him (Ester Rabba 7:23, Aitz Yosef; Medrash Shochar Tov Tehillim (Ps.) 2:2; VaYikra Rabba Emor 27:11), as the BGTLQ movement is doing in front of our eyes.

° 2) A1880A [S2534]: LGBT indoctrination for Home-Health Aides;

° 3) A3355 [S1351]: de-enforcement of anti-prostitution statute, thereby escalating threats to human-trafficking victims, including minors; [legislation Lawler publicly "justified" by citing LGBT activists' bogus slander of law-enforcement officers "discriminating" against transgender prostitutes];

° 4) A6593: LGBT & criminal Housing privileges;

° 5) S0774B/ A2632-A:  collection of transgender demographic statistics;

° 6) A5913A/ S0123-A: Establishes a statewide propaganda campaign for the "acceptance, inclusion, tolerance and understanding of diversity," read: alienation of adherents of Torah values {03/30/2022}.



Additional examples of  Lawler jumping onto the BGTLQ legislative bandwagon:

° A2004/ S3070: To help ensure "diversity in recruitment and hiring in the public sector," meaning, among other things, the increased hiring of flagrant homosexualists and persons parading as the opposite sex, in the Public Sector (as if the Public Sector suffers from a deficit of Sexual-Identitarians; 05/19/2021);

° A5278: LGBT military discharge benefits; (exploiting patriotic sentiments to undermine the values previous generations of heroes died to safeguard);

° A2230A/ S0070-A: "hate"-crimes data collection bill, (promoting LGBT dogma by exploiting violence against various groups);

°  A2206/ S0623 [2021]: promoting LGBT by exploiting an anti-Cyberbullying bill;


B. Lee Zeldin:


 THIS was shortly after Cuomo signed same sex "marriage" into law:

"Appearing with Cuomo at a Long Island press conference, Zeldin praised Cuomo’s accomplishments ..."

June 14, 2022, 

 "... Suffolk County Sen. Lee Zeldin, a Republican, did his part earlier this month to contribute to the Cuomo presidential talk."


2. Zeldin Caving In On Fighting Abortion Crime:

Zeldin comes out against repealing NY's abortion law even if the Republican'ts somehow manage to take back the N.Y. legislature:

Zeldin completely flip flops on abortion 13:53

".... Republican Lee Zeldin elaborated on his pledge to leave New York's abortion laws intact during an interview with NBC New York.

"I understand I am in a state where there is support for this law," Zeldin said during an hour-long sit down on his front porch in Shirley. "There needs to be a respect for the will of the people."

Despite describing his own voting record as "100 percent pro-life," and recorded statements earlier this year saying he believes some of the state's newer late-term abortion protections "should be reversed," Zeldin is working to convince New Yorkers their abortion rights won't budge if they elect him governor.

Following the repeal of Roe v. Wade, the issue is a major sticking point for some voters who might otherwise consider backing Zeldin's tough-on-crime campaign...

..."There is less than zero chance that the Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie is sending me a bill to roll the abortion laws back. It's not going to happen. It's not why I got into this race," he said.

We asked Zeldin: What if a red wave swept over the statehouse and Republicans took charge?

"I have pledged that I will not change New York's abortion law," he responded. ..."



(x-NYS senator &) Rep. Lee Zeldin &... were literally one of only 2 out of the whole GOP NY delegation (and one out of only 35 Republicans in the whole House) in 2016 to vote for special privileges for LGBT employees --



Date:06/21/2022  Summer 2021: Lee Zeldin Votes FOR the so-called "LGBTQ Business Equal Credit Enforcement and Investment Act"


1 of only 33 Republicans To Vote YES


June 16, 2022

Subject: Lee Zeldin's so-called "conservative" record


Don’t Let the 42 Republicans Who Voted for Obama’s Transgender Agenda Spin Their Vote


4. Zeldin voted for same sex marriage recently, H.R. 8404, the (Dis)-Respect for Marriage Act, thereby sanctioning same-sex marriage legislatively. Realize that this was just a few months ago (as he was running for Governor). 


And we're supposed to trust HIM to fight the leftwing, LGBTQ attack on religious education??

5. Zeldin voted for an lgbt loan affirmative action bill:

6. Below, he thanks those who agitated for legislation for same sex marriage, whose recognition triggered the annihilation of civilization in the days of Noach (VaYira Rabba on Lev. 18:3):

See last line: 

"... Supporters and opponents of this (homosexualist Marriage) legislation were peaceful, passionate participants in this democratic process to redefine marriage. I thank them all for their advocacy." «««

7. Even worse, note that Rep. Lee Zeldin not only voted for the recent same sex marriage bill in Congress, but he actually appointed an open female LGBT practitioner as his running mate ("Vice" Governor), who pledged (as reported by the NY Post) to advocate for "her people."



Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter,

Executive Director,

Help Rescue Our Children

USA: 845-642-1679* «» 

* for calls and texts, but not WhatsApp

Israeli Helpline: 03-721-3337

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