Friday, November 11, 2022

Ben Shapiro errs in defending Kanye ally Candace Owens - opinion

My close friend and one of my great Jewish heroes, Dennis Prager, last week defended his protege, Candace Owens, who has been stalwart in protecting her ally, arch antisemite Kanye West, as he has characterized Jews as being essentially thieves, bloodsuckers and parasites. Why would a great man like Dennis do this?

Before I delve deeper into the story, let’s first seek how Owens rewarded Prager’s friendship and all that he and Ben Shapiro have done to promote Owens’ career.

This is where all this gets rather sickening. What Shapiro is guilty of, as are an increasing number of Jewish Republicans, is putting Conservatism and the Republican Party before decency, fighting hatred and defending the Jewish people. Why is Shapiro putting party before principle and politics before his people? Are we going to see the Daily Wire give West an award for being the foremost pro-life, pro-faith, and pro-Conservative antisemite in America?

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