Monday, November 7, 2022

Square Vote Scandal


New Square Vote Manipulators Support Enemies of G-d, Yet Again

November 7, '22 ### Parshas VaYeira, 5783

Menachem Hirsch

Yet another public Chillul HaShem by vote-block manipulators of New-Square emerges.

For four decades, authentic Torah sages and leaders from across the spectrum of Torah observant Jewry have exhorted Jews not to vote for, campaign for, or support in any manner candidates who promote abortion and moral depravity, including the homosexual and transgender agenda. Those statements have been issued and publicized repeatedly over the decades.

Because so many block vote manipulators have been flaunting these Torah directives over the past four decades, we've been suffering the political ascension of the Left, especially the pro-LGBT proponents of the "Gezairas HaChinuch," the Educational Equivalency Regulations in N.Y. State. Yet, some people never learn their lesson. Two years ago, vote block manipulators of New Square and elsewhere continued to direct their followings to vote for the greater evils offered by the political process, usually being LGBT proponents in the Democratic Party.

Once again, in the midst of unprecedented spiritual (and physical) threats to the broader society, including in Education, and threats specifically to the Orthodox communities in N.Y. State (and beyond), New Square voter intimidationists have reportedly struck yet again.  Predictably, they have sent out a sample ballot, ostensibly speaking for the Higher Power venerated in Square, in effect ordering all New-Square voters to vote for pro-LGBT, pro-abortion, pro-indoctrination Democrats. Disobeying the dictates from "On High," despite the requirements of Jewish Law to shun any support for such candidates, is not looked on kindly by the powers that be in the village of New Square, located near Monsey N.Y.

This time, true to form, the list includes every democratic candidate, other than one. This year's Dibros (Commandments) ("Zeh Le'Umas Zeh"...) direct voters to help install seven liberal democrats now running for seven pivotal positions on the Ninth Judicial District of N.Y. State Supreme Court. (Presumably, these candidates will be expected to be available to enable cover-ups for favored child-molesters.) The New Square endorsed judicial candidates include the infamous Rockland Family Court Judge Sherri Eisenpress.  Ms. Eisenpress is a former LGBT Community Center Board member, elected a decade ago, when living with her female partner. She was elected via the last-minute perfidy-that-shall-live-in-infamy of R' Chaim Leibush Rottenberg of Forshay. He helped misrepresent Eisenpress as if she repented of her career LGBT advocacy. He and his  collaborators acted in flagrant violation of the statement against voting for Eisenpress and LGBT advocates, signed by about 30 Rabbonim. Eisenpress only won due to votes harvested by New Square operatives and other Monsey block vote manipulators. Her funding by shadowy sources became the subject of acute public interest.

Other leftist Democrats endorsed by New Square vote-block manipulators include LGBT-advocate luminaries like the flagrantly homosexualist Rep. Sean P. Maloney (advertising his "marriage" to a similarly perverted man), leftwing N.Y. Gov. K. Hochul, satanic subversive Sen. Charles Schumer, and State Sen. Reichlin-Melnick.

The one republican endorsement was for legislator McGowen for Assembly. Presumably, he'll be asked to creep the N.Y. Republican Party even more to the homosexualist left, as needed, in order to secure funding for endeavors favored by his handlers.

"Ma'arich A'pei Ve'Govei Dilei," our Sages exhort us, HaShem extends His Wrath -- but He collects His dues. This week is the anniversary of the Flood that annihilated civilization. It was triggered by recognition of same-sex marriage (VaYikra Rabba 23:9 on Achrai-Mos 18:3). We ask for what we vote for. This week we also read about Sodom, which was destroyed because of the type of wickedness that these candidates opt to celebrate.

May G-d strengthen the hand of all of the wonderful people living within the confines of New Square who speak out against the aforementioned iniquity. May HaShem protect them from all evildoers, wicked people who seek to harm and terrorize them for standing up for the Will and Honor of HaShem. The Kiddush HaShem they can effectuate is indescribable. May we all learn from them. And, in their merit, may we merit to greet Eliyahu HaNovi, who will war against those impediments to the Final Redemption, speedily in our days.


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