Sunday, November 13, 2022

Satmar Rebbe: Trumpism has infiltrated Judaism, twisted many minds

“Trumpism has infiltrated the Jewish camp and twisted so many minds,” Satmar Grand Rebbe Aron Teitelbaum said in a beginning-of-semester address to Satmar Yeshiva students in Kiryas Yoel, New York.
The rebbe's words came two days after the US midterm elections, during which Democrat Kathy Hochul won the New York governership, beating out Jewish Republican Trump ally Lee Zeldin, who had very strong support among New York’s haredi voting population. She had been acting governor since August 2021 after previous governor Andrew Cuomo resigned amid allegations of sexual harassment.

According to Satmar Headquarters on Twitter, the rebbe blamed many in his community for being involved in “Trump meshigas,” or madness.

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