Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Remodeling a house can be dangerous

 Sefer Chasidim (461) There are things which are like darchei Emori and yet they are permitted for example purchasing an old house and building a new house in its place not to alter the windows or doorways  which is dangerous because of demons or angels.


  1. What is his Source?

  2. Probably now one of those things that allowed because "the public trample on it"
    Reminds me of an old joke. Guy wants to build a house so he goes to the Rav to ask how to do it. Rav pulls open Maseches Batim and they learn it with Rashi. Guy goes out, follows the instructions and builds the house. It's beautiful and he goes to put up the mezuzah at the front door. As soon as he hits it with the hammer, the whole house collapses!
    So he goes back to the Rav who suggest they learn the sugya again because maybe they missed something. They do that, he builds a second house and again, when he hits the nail on the mezuzah, the whole house collapses.
    Frustrated, he goes back to the Rav. "The house looks great," he says, "but why, when I go to nail the mezuzah to the door, does the whole thing collapse?" The Rav opens the Gemara, furrows his brow and finally says, "Funny thing. Tosfos asks the same question!"


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