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Homosexual Marriage Bill: Existential Threat



An Urgent Plea:

November 25, '22/ 1 Kiskev 5783 (v.1D) 

Re: HR8404 and Talmud Chullin 92b (i.e., the existential threat posed by recognition of homosexual "marriage")


1) HR8404 is the homosexual "marriage" bill advancing through Congress. It is scheduled for a Senate vote on this coming MONDAY, November 28th 5:30pm, G-d forbid.  In addition to our irreconcilable opposition in principle, we must also publicly articulate how this type of legislation threatens to "nationalize" the threat of LGBT indoctrination in Education, somewhat mimicking the threat to education - religious and otherwise - posed by the Educational Equivalency Regulations crusade currently advancing in N.Y. State.  Legislation for same-sex marriage, being supported by 25% of the Republican Party - 12 senators - (as of last Wednesday, Nov. 16th) would mainstream homosexual "marriage" enough to escalate pushing indoctrination (albeit subtle) into Orthodox Jewish education (and certainly everywhere else). 

Unfortunately, we need to clean up our own act.  For prominent and timely example, we'd be amiss if we would gloss over the fact that this homosexualist infiltration has  already started, in some manner, in Illinois, thanks in part to IL legislator Mark Kalish, former board member of Aguda.  On March 13, '19, Yechiel Mark Kalish voted for the LGBT indoctrination bill HB246, promoting the homosexualist agenda in public schools, and also requiring the LGBT litmus test for school textbooks funded by the state, as reported in the Jewish Press (cf.*

{* That abomination unfortunately didn't prevent Kalish from being graced with the position of moderator at a prime-time Motzi Shabbos forum of the annual Convention, several years ago. Nor did it shame Kalish away from promoting homosexualist propaganda at that forum (introducing naive listeners to abject incoherence about how promoting LGBT propaganda could ostensibly alleviate LGBT youth suicide, dogma definitively debunked on the spot, by Rav Feldman Shlit"a). This shocking, unprecedented spectacle of pre-Abrahamic lunacy was witnessed by tens of thousands of Orthodox and Chareidi youth and adults. To boot, around that time, Kalish was ensconced in the leadership of Hatzalah, of all organizations. No doubt, his foray into the lifesaving industry was to atone for his promoting the agenda of the BGTLQ movement, which is responsible for tens of millions of deaths (mostly of "their own") via diseases like AIDS [as Chazal exhort us, "BaDavar she'chotin - Bo mis'ratzin"...]. Gam Zeh Ya'avor.}

2) We must render the evil of same-sex marriage as  controversial as possible in Republican quarters - to minimize the number of republicans voting for it in either house - especially by raising an alarm in genuinely Orthodox Jewish quarters. One way we can do this is, as suggested, by focusing on this legislation escalating the threat of the Educational threat (AKA "Gezairas HaChinuch") on a national level.  Many "Republicants" pander to those concerns.  Let's call their bluff, and swing anyone who genuinely cares.  This legislation will undeniably lead to the "nationalization" of the Educational/ Gezairas-HaChinuch crisis in the worst way.  That may not result in the teaching of  evolution mythology or carnivorous Aztec theology. However, undeniably - it WILL, G-d forbid, metastasize into an educational requirement to inculcate in students "respect" for those who opt to embody and celebrate rebellion against G-d in the BGTLQ (to'aiva) manner, as N.Y. State required in January 2010, when it passed the infamous Dignity for All Students Act.  That DASA law perverted the Civics teaching requirements in N.Y. Education Law section 801a, by requiring indoctrination children into "respecting" even flagrant identification with - and public embodiments of - homosexual and transgender behavior and propaganda.

After the educational madness that struck N.Y. (which too many people still persist in failing to understand), we have no excuse to remain passive. We know what the bipartisan BGTLQ agenda is. And we know it's to force-feed our children LGBT propaganda.  HR8404 would advance that very agenda - both nationally and on a state level, in states other than N.Y.  This all holds true regardless of how good its temporary "religious exemptions" are.

Perhaps the method outlined here could benefit from some modification. Nevertheless, accentuating how Dor HaMabul  (homosexual) marriage legislation will invariably, G-d forbid, advance the threat to the education of ALL children is a potentially powerful strategy.*

{* The educational threat in N.Y. was well exploited to promote "lesser evil," radical pro-BGTLQ political candidates in N.Y. (who - arguably - weren't truly going to help us anyway:  There's no reason that strategy should not work where it incontrovertibly applies. NOT doing so could send a terrible message, namely, that we can be exploited to advance the "lesser evil" BGTLQ agenda - but we fail when it comes to truly advancing our own Torah agenda.}

3) Even if, G-d forbid, HR 8404  passes - if we render it controversial enough, as we did BE"H when it passed the NJ legislature recently - that will certainly reduce the Heavenly kitrug, and provide us some practical benefit in pushing back against educational tyranny by the bipartisan LGBTQ barbarian mob.

4) We also need to debunk the distortions and ziyuf haTorah (distortion of Torah) promoted in the statement sent to senators last week, helping give senators more leeway to vote for this rebellion against G-d, by including shallow religious exemptions (about which even Abba Cohen complained), for specific types of financial interests, identified as "religious" institutions. NO ONE else can fully debunk the toxic emissions of that OU letter, if not Orthodox Jewry.

Foremost among the points we ought to clarify in regard to religious exemptions is that EVEN IF they would include genuine and comprehensive religious exemptions (and these current exemptions are no where close to that), the religious exemptions would remain emphatically meaningless, because they would simply be removed sometime after passage. That's precisely what happened to the N.Y. City Gay Rights bill passed via Mayor Koch. About 30 years later, Bill DeBlasio removed the religious exemptions that Koch inserted to ensure passage. THIS point cannot be emphasized enough.

Some additional, crucial talking points are addressed here: (CJV Letter Opposing Respect for Marriage Act)

As we raise this alarm approaching Chanukah, let's daven that we'll merit to emulate the paradigm of the Chashmonayim in the manner that most comports with the Will of HaShem.

Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter,

Executive Director,

Help Rescue Our Children

USA: 845-642-1679* «» 

* for calls and texts, but not WhatsApp

Israeli Helpline: 03-721-3337


Same-sex marriage bill in U.S.Senate: "Vote Scheduled: At 5:30pm, on Monday, November 28th, the Senate will proceed to a roll call vote on the motion to invoke cloture on Baldwin-Collins substitute amendment #6487 to Cal. #449, H.R.8404, Respect for Marriage Act." / Twitter

Motion to Proceed on H.R. 8404: Respect for Marriage Act --


Here's what we issued on Nov. 20th [sensitive details omitted intentionally]:


Legislative Recognition of Same-Sex "Marriage" (H.R. 8404) Endangers Us All

26 MarCheshvan, 5783 /  November 20, '22 (v.5)

Leaders and All,

Please urge calls to ... ... to vote NO on the bill recognizing same-sex "Marriage," H.R. 8404.  We need to emphasize our principled opposition to ANY such measure - despite what parades as "religious exemptions."  True to Orwellian form, this legislation, which would eliminate the federal Defence Of Marriage Act, is mislabeled as the "Respect for Marriage Act." Although five deviant judges on the U.S. Supreme Court legistated a right to same-sex "marriage" out of hot air in 2015 (in the Obergefell case), the unhinged policy was never formally promulgated by the American People. That's why this upcoming vote is so catastrophic. Congress technically represents "The People."  For the American People to embrace such an open rebellion against G-d is simply suicidal, as we explain further, based on the Talmud (Chullin 92b) and Midrash Rabbah (VaYikra 23:9), which convey that lesson for all Mankind.

This terrible bill may pass the U.S. Congress next week, in the wake of 12 homosexualist Republican senators voting for a procedural "Cloture" measure (closing the Senate debate) last Wednesday, Nov. 16, 62 to 37.  Those "Republicans-Who-Shall-Remain-In-Infamy" provided the Democrats the numbers needed to push same-sex marriage through to a final Senate vote on the actual bill itself, which is expected next week.

{* We're informed about a Senate vote on a very shallow religious accommodation amendment expected next Monday afternoon, November 28, G-d forbid: 

Senate Cloakroom on Twitter: "Vote Scheduled: At 5:30pm, on Monday, November 28th, the Senate will proceed to a roll call vote on the motion to invoke cloture on Baldwin-Collins substitute amendment #6487 to Cal. #449, H.R.8404, Respect for Marriage Act." / Twitter (

Motion to Proceed on H.R. 8404: Respect for Marriage Act:}

H.R. 8404 needs to return to be voted on by the House of Representatives again [after the expected Senate vote, we understand] because the bill previously passed by the House - with 47 reprobate homosexualist Republicans (including Lee Zeldin of NY) - was modified with that religious exemption amendment. 

The Road to Hell is Paved with Religious Exemptions:

Homosexual "marriage" proponents added deceptive "religious exemptions" - for certain religious institutions - in order to expedite passage, and to minimize opposition votes, as they cleverly did in N.Y. State in 2011.  Then too, homosexual marriage proponents deceptively sidelined opposition to the Marriage "Equality" bill by providing sellouts of religious persuasion a shallow pretext of "religious freedom protections" for organizations (and, similarly, threw  individuals - both those they defined as "religious," along with everyone else - under the bus).  That additional language allowed key swing Republican state senators, including Sen. Saland, to make-believe that the bill did not jeopardize religious liberty. Consequently, the bill passed by a margin of two, with four republicans voting yes.  [Thank G-d, shortly thereafter, all four republican senators who voted against G-d were out of office.]  Predictably, the marriage-baiting movement is employing that tactic on a national level.  (If the modus operandi isn't broken, why fix it.)  We must unequivocally protest passage, regardless of religious protections, real or imagined.

Religious Liberty Vs. Religious Principle:

If few others understand, then at least we ourselves should realize the following. Even if, hypothetically, the religious protections in question would be meaningful, efforts to ensure our religious liberties must never be exploited to undermine our religion itself.  That's precisely what's happening.  From reading the letter of one organization speaking on behalf of some religious communities, one gathers that the writers were more interested in procuring government funding than accurately representing the Torah position, or identifying the actual needs of individuals - both "religious" and otherwise - to be protected from governmental tyranny, including terroristic threats of religious persecution by the federal government.  

Furthermore, we must never even imply that we're making peace with those who war against G-d Himself by legitimizing and celebrating homosexual or transgender sins - or the ideology of the BGTLQ movement, which is heresy.  Even  when it's not counterproductive (by virtue of enabling the very legislation we're obliged to unrelentingly abominate) to seek religious exemptions, ANY such efforts must unequivocally clarify our genuinely irreconcilable opposition to any policy recognizing same-sex marriage, homosexualist ideology, or homosexual acts.  Any implication of Jewish compromise with the LGBTQ agenda - the latter constituting the antithesis of Judaism - renders efforts on behalf of protection of Judaism both fraudulent and counterproductive.

Therefore, we must clarify: this, and any slightly similar legislation,  will eternally remain anethema to adherents of authentic Judaism, even if it would sport substantial religious exemptions, which it does not.  In fact, if all of the legislators truly grasped the depth of our Torah-based opposition, I venture to suggest that some may consider shifting their positions in the correct direction.  Unfortunately, many of those unelected, unaccountable "leaders" ostensibly speaking on our behalf fail to do so faithfully and accurately.  They represent not the Torah, being the Will of G-d, nor the Jewish People. They represent their own financial/social interests, and noticeably so.

Orthodox Jewish communities may not be able to stop this legislation in time, but we certainly can evoke enough opposition to render it's passage  quite controversial.  And that may help us in several ways, in America and in Israel.  It took the pro-life resistance movement about five decades, but we've finally seen some noteworthy progress in partially curbing the state-sanctioned mass-murder (in the name of healthcare) of innocent preborn infants.  At the very least, our sincere efforts to preserve the definition of Marriage, which should encourage the efforts of many others, could help alleviate the unprecedented downpouring of Divine Justice, for which America - and the other gender-warped western powers - are apparently quite overdue.


A Universal Message: 


All people, Jewish and otherwise, need to understand something truly crucial here. We've been exhorted by our Sages that  recognition of same-sex marriage poses, very literally, an existential threat.  The recognition of same-sex "marriage" is precisely what triggered the annihilation of civilization in the days of Noach, via the Great Flood (Midrash Rabbah (YaYikra) 23:9, on Lev. 18:3).

In this vein, we relay here an insight aired last Thursday night on the "Levin At Eleven" radio program, hosted by senior Culture-War veteran Rabbi Yehuda Levin (heard weekly 11pm to midnight at 620 AM in NJ):  About two decades ago, as legalization of same-sex marriage was being discussed in the U.S., Rav Shmuel Avigdor Faivelson, OB"M (an internationally renowned Rosh Yeshiva, in Monsey N.Y.) observed, based on a statement of our Sages in Babylonian Talmud tractate Chullin (folio 92b), that recognition of same-sex marriage threatens the very existence of the Nations of the World.  There, Our Sages identify three Divine commandments, to which the Nations of the World have historically adhered. One is their refusal to sanction same-sex marriage with marriage contracts. Rav Faivelson inferred that if the Nations would fail to adhere to that one commandment, they would thereby undermine their very right to exist. That would literally place the world in an "end-of-the-world" type of scenario. [What he stated appears clearly implicit in the aforementioned Midrash Rabbah as well.]

This is precisely what Congress seeks to perpetrate right now, with the help of the Republican Party. Accordingly, this warning of our Holy Sages is something to which both the Jewish AND the non-Jewish world must be alerted right now.  The Torah teaches that G-d is All Merciful.  He does NOT punish without ample warning and opportunity for repentance.  We therefore need to ask ourselves: how do we expect for people to be aware of the monumental dangers we face, and act accordingly, if so few take the initiative to discharge our duty as Jews and unapologetically, unequivocally raise the alarm?  Granted, opposition to the abomination of Sodomy (Lev.18:22, 20:13) does not rank high on the popularity scale in many parts of the western world. However, Monotheism itself was far more unpopular when Avraham Avinu fought the entire world to establish it as the dominant paradigm, until today.  

We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines. How much more so when we ourselves and our children are being directly threatened by these very same homosexualist advocates. And, unfortunately, these adversaries including many who are ostensibly of Jewish extraction.  Also bear in mind here what our Sages teach us in Sanhedrin 98b, in the name of Rebbe Yochonon and Rav Papa, regarding the fate of the idolatrous nations. 

Additionally, we  must never lose sight of the fact that the prime mover behind the weaponizing of the long-standing 1895 N.Y. State Education Equivalency law against Jewish schools is the BGTLQ movement, which has hijacked N.Y. State government -- with support from some of our own "leaders," who consistently dupe elements of our communities into voting for the self-interest of said "leaders" over Torah principles.

Being Attentive:

Last week we experienced a (staged?) scare over the report of an alleged Russian "missile attack" against Poland, which initially appeared to foreshadow a broadening of the intense fighting in Ukraine. This occurred just around the time of the procedural but pivotal Senate cloture vote on same-sex marriage (against which, by the way, Russia zealously guards itself, thank G-d). That should give us pause.  It illustrates in high relief how potentially close we may be to global, and even nuclear war. G-d promised us that He won't destroy the world with another global flood (Gen. 9:15). Nevertheless, G-d has countless additional means of laying down The Law. For example, see the Tosefta Ta'anis 2:11 regarding a global plague, citing Zechariah 11:10 [which is the same chapter cited by the aforementioned passage of the Talmud in Chullin (92a, bottom), regarding the 30 commandments, of which the Nations of the World keep only three].

This takes on heightened meaning in the midst of the escalating war, waged against G-d Himself, by  homosexualist and transgenderist western governments doing their best to emulate Gog's end-times crusade against G-d and His Chosen People (see the commentary "Aitz Yosef" on VaYikra Rabbah on Emor 27:11 and on Ester Rabbah 7:23).  When we hear of threats of "nuclear Armageddon" - from even the President of the United States - we need to realize that it's G-d Who is sending us wake-up calls, to set us back on the right path - so that - via sincere repentance - we won't need Russian President Putin (or anybody else) to save us from ourselves.  But the choice is ours. And we're careening in precisely the wrong direction. [It's quoted from the world-renowned Gaon of Vilna that the (culmination of?) the war of Gog and Magog will take a matter of minutes.]  Homosexualist politicians, and their superficially religious enablers, ignore Divine warnings at our collective grave peril.  No technology in the world will save us if G-d decrees that Divine Justice will supersede Divide Compassion.

Action Item: Congressional Switchboard:   


[Ask for the number of the specific Congressman (or Senator) needed.]

Specifically, we urge all residents of ...

The public is also asked to call .... Let him know that if Congress passes same-sex marriage, it WILL be the fault of the Republican Party, especially those who allowed a dozen deviant Senate republicans to vote for Cloture last Wednesday....

Our Sages exhort us: "He extends His Wrath, but (ultimately) He collects His dues."

Thank you all in advance,

Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter,

Executive Director,

Help Rescue Our Children

USA: 845-642-1679* «» 

* for calls and texts, but not WhatsApp

Israeli Helpline: 03-721-3337

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