Saturday, November 12, 2022

Right-Wing Pundit Ann Coulter Tells Trump to Shut Up Forever After Midterm

n Friday, Ann Coulter, the noted conservative pundit and longtime Donald Trump loyalist, had harsh words for the former president in the wake of the midterm election results.

With many predicting blowout wins for the Republican Party this election cycle, the midterms have been surprisingly and historically positive for Democrats. No so-called "red wave" materialized in most parts of the country, with Democrats tipped to retain and potentially grow their Senate majority, with only Nevada and Georgia still up in the air. Democrats also have a small path to retaining the House, with Republicans anticipating a troublesomely thin majority should they retake the lower chamber.

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  1. As time goes on, one thing is becoming clear - what was once a great endorsement is now the kiss of electoral death. Those Republicans who opposed Trump did well. Those he pushed did poorly. The problem is that Trump will not go quietly. He will prefer to destroy the Republican party than to just leave after giving a big kiddush at their next convention.


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