Monday, December 10, 2012

Is Weberman a moser? Why is she a victim?

Guest Post by Rabbi Brian Kent [See just posted response to #2]

1) Mesira: There are notices in Williamsburg going up proclaiming that the young lady in the case is guilty of mesira. But didn't we hear that Weberman himself helped the father with a video tape that was made in order to catch a young man having relations with his daughter. It was intended to be used for the express purpose of prosecuting the young man in the secular courts. This is an eight hundred pound gorilla that people seem to be blind to. Questions of mesira are very common and it is an issue that even some poskim will not give you an answer. The reason they won't is because the stakes are simply to high. 

I asked the question to Daas Torah who I hold in the highest esteem. The reply was that if they thought that the girl was being harmed or in danger it would not be mesirah. Okay, that is the litmus test on whether they can call the cops. But that wasn't the only way this could have been handled. I have been told and I have seen "shartkers" in Williamsburg who are involved with the Shomrim, provide security at Neturei Karta functions, etc. The press is speaking of a group called the Vaad HaTzinus. Do they beat people up? Absolutely! The raya we all know is when husbands don't give their wives a get they are beaten to a pulp and there hospitalizations are sometimes front page news.Another group that the Brooklyn DA turns a blind eye to since nobody has any sympathy for them.My point is there was another way to handle the boyfriend than calling the police. It seems that mesira is okay for some but not others? This case has a lot of grey.

Can somebody please help clarify this issue?

2)  Victim: I wish to respectfully ask why this girl is being referred to as a "victim"? When was this established? I know she made an accusation .I am not sure why somebody that doesn't believe in Hashem and has illicit marital relations as any neemanus? I don't blame victims .I simply want to have an answer .My question is how does somebody establish that she is a victim. Just on her word?

Now in the case of Mondrowitz I could see how he fell through the cracks.He had a radio show on WNYM in which he dispensed psychological advice "al pi Halacha" in the early 80's.He would always tell stories about the Kotzker or the Gerrer Rebbes .But when you would see him close up you knew something was very wrong. For example on Motzei Shabbos he would be decked out in his Bgdei Shabbos complete with a fancy spodik on his head.But he would have expletives coming out of his mouth .He had a sparkling public personality and in private it was obvious there was something wrong with him.Very creepy.The reason that he never went to court was because he would destroy the respectability of the schools and rabbanim he worked with. He would taint them .There is no justification for inaction. You cannot have monster that will endanger children running around In the absence of a psak from a Bais Din or a verdict in a courtroom we can obviously say he is guilty due to all the witnesses who have come forward.


  1. There was no other way to stop the girl and her boyfriend from being mezaneh with each other, other than to have the cops involved by proving he was having underage sex with a minor, with the video proof.

    1. "Underage minor" technically but they were probably three years apart.So if women can get shtarkers to bust up their husbands Weberman could not get sharkers to keep the boy away.Did he even try?What Rav gave him a heter to maser the boyfriend?

  2. Another pertinent point is that they paskened it was not mesira to report her underage znus with her lover for the above reasons, but they consider reporting Mr. Weberman to the police to be mesira because they deem the allegations against Mr. Weberman to be false.

  3. The injustice to Weberman is not a religious issue. A secular Jew, Wall Street Journal editor Dorothy Rabinnowicz, has documented in her book "No Crueler Tyrannies" how hysteria pushes the secular courts to mass hysteria over false allegations (usually against innocent males).

    The jury in the Weberman case would barely have had time to read the list of 59 counts, much less to deliberate on each one. With the false rape accusation rate running 50% in the general public, the Weberman false conviction is an outrage and a farce.

    Halacha is completely right and just to demand proof and to prefer acquitting the guilty rather than convict the innocent.


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