Thursday, December 20, 2012

Explaining abuse & Weberman case - Yiddish letter

Explaining abuse and Weberman case


  1. English please???

  2. Read the last paragraph, where we are cautioned not to think we know what is going on with abuse problems, but rather we should leave these things to the experts. Who are the experts? This is exactly the problem, that whole communities don't want to talk about this, so where are the experts? I know a real expert, and he is a bitter person. Maybe it is time for more people to become bitter, and not to leave it to imaginary experts. The problem here is not people who are concerning themselves with things that are beyond them, but with those who create a new halacha that children are hefker as long as it is quiet out there. The issue is, what is kedusho? Silence and wimpering children, or focused fury in a community where children are safe. Until this is resolved, no child will be safe.

    1. Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald al pi Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald. BTW, was this letter written by Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald?

    2. Dovid Eidensohn: "... I know a real expert, and he is a bitter person. Maybe it is time for more people to become bitter ..."

      Reuters 20 Dec. 12: "Lawyer who foretold church scandals [in the mid-'80s] writes his story"


      [Ray] Mouton's marriage broke up and he became an alcoholic.

      "It was a cataclysmic event. It broke me in half. ..."


    3. BTW, Mouton's book is available at the moment as an e-book for $0.99, e.g. at Amazon:

      It seems to me that some Jews should read it, if only because the press and the public mind are applying the Catholic-abuse-scandal script to us.

  3. Is this a personal or public letter? To whom is it directed? and in short what does it say? Who are the authors?

  4. Written very well and very much to the point

  5. Where was this amazing letter posted/publicized?
    Anonymously or with signatories?


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