Monday, December 24, 2012

Editor of HaPeles attacked - 2 suspects detained

BHOL updated  After months of violence against rabbis and public figures, due to the Lithuanian public split, this morning (Sunday) Yated Ne'eman newspaper published an impeachment ad, on the front page of the newspaper.

Under the heading "protest and vibrant condemnation," are the following: "We were asked by Maranan and Rabbis sages of Israel Shlit"a to voice their protest and condemnation vigorously against severe violence, verbal and physical, that were made in recent months against Torah figures, public figures and politicians, by low life's. These acts the opposite of the way of Torah and as it is know has fallen stranger violence in our camp.

From the Rashi interpretation it is easy to understand, that the violence has crossed a red line, and the fact that the attack on the editor of Hapeles, which took place on that same evening against a mashgiach at the Ohr Yisrael Yeshiva, Rabbi Goldwasser, gained headlines is shocking.

During the past few months, both Reb Yitzchak Roth 'Yated' editor, and Reb Yisrael Friedman, editor of the Shabbos supplement, were attacked. A few weeks ago, physical abuse was made towards the Mayor of Bnei Brak-Yaakov Asher. The peak was when the mashgiach of Ohr Yisrael Yeshiva in Petach tikva, Hagaon Reb Pinchas Yitzchak Goldwasser, was attacked last Thursday night, on the same night that the former editor of Yated was attaxked at the entrance to his home.


Haaretz    The senior editor of a daily ultra-Orthodox newspaper was assaulted late Thursday night outside his Jerusalem home in what is thought to be a politically motivated attack. 

Witnesses said two men, one who appeared to be Haredi, and a second, whose face was covered, ambushed Hapeles editor in chief Nati Grossman. at the entrance of his home, in the capital's Bayit Vegan neighborhood. [...]

He was discharged on Friday afternoon, before the start of Shabbat. 

The police are investigating various leads, but in the Haredi community the assumption is that the assault is connected to internal battles within the United Torah Judaism political party.[...]\


  1. Of course he could have been attacked by people interested in weakening the chareidi vote as per the article above this. Typical reaction is - if they've even started to beat each other up I think I'll take my votes somewhere else.

    1. avraham you are truly a resident of the middle east! conspiracy theories instead of octam's razor!

  2. For years Yated and its founding rabbis have scandalised Israel with its vile editorials and crude attacks against anyone who disagrees with their opinion. This mentality has further radicalised the readership into fanatics. Now the rebound is taking place.

    This pattern is repeating itself quite a lot. After r' Shach's petirah, the split and violence took place in Ponovezh. The power struggle that has taken place since R Elyashiv's petirah, is now taking its toll on the haredi media.

    This is perhaps a sugar-coated version of what is going on in Syria, between lehavdil their extreme islamists. It is "good" in the sense that it shows how different frum Jews are from other religions when they have disputes. However, even this low level thuggery is not good, and it could turn out to become more violent, G-d forbid.

    1. And if the frum Jews here would have access to, and training in, the same types of weapons that the two sides have in Syria?

    2. so baruch hashem that yated guys don't serve in zahal!


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