Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mother of Weberman's Victim:" Her childhood was robbed"

NY Daily News   She never told me face to face until this got out. She never told me, she never told us.

We got a call from the police station. They said come over right away. I was so shocked. I called my husband right away.

The therapist [at the new school] had called the police. That school made every girl get therapy once a week. My children told me, 'You have to believe her.' She is my youngest.

Her childhood was robbed. She was such a bubbly child.

I lost a couple of years with her. After what shea went through hopefully she will pick up.

She wasn't a rebel at all. She was a shy, very smart child. She likes to know. Very bright child. She is a very good child.

The principal (at the Satmar school) could have answered my daughter's questions (about God). Not screamed apikoros (heretic). What, because she asked a question?

My husband called the teacher. He said 'You don't know the answer?’

‘Listen to (my daughter) and say, 'I don't know the answer. I will get it tomorrow and find out and then tell you’.'

They (the teachers) started picking on her. Picking on her!

She would say, ‘The principal hates me. I don't know why.'

A teacher came (to the house) and investigated if I had a computer with Internet. I feel tznius (modest), but not to their extent.[...]


  1. In retrospect you see how fishy this whole thing is .He violated his own community standard of yichud and ironically for the purposes of helping a promiscuous girl.I see a different angle in his conviction.I think it is a case of what goes around comes around .Do we even know that he went to a Rav to get a psak to have the boyfriend arrested ?Even if he did he had others options than going to the police like the shartkers they are well known for having.He masered somebody wrongly and he was correctly masered.Poetic Justice min HaShamyim.But that this poor commnity that has been deceived is a huge victim as well.It pains me so much.Her husband should stop speaking to Mary Murphy of WPIX.They did what they had to to protect other children.Good for them !But to speak to the press is causing a further Chillul Hashem and serves no purpose.

  2. Its right there in "Al HaNissim" "Masarta Giburim b'yad Chalashim" HaShem comes through again this Chanukah, the weak prevail over the strong! Baruch HaShem!


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