Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weberman trial:Mother paid $12.8 K for "therapy"

 NY Post    If she stopped seeing her alleged abuser, she would have been expelled from school.

The mother of a teenage Brooklyn girl who was allegedly sexually abused by a prominent Hasidic leader testified yesterday that she was forced by her daughter’s yeshiva to send the girl to the man for counseling — and even had to pay for the dubious privilege. [...] “The school gave her a hard time and said she was ‘apikoros,’ ” [...]

When asked the repercussion of not sending her youngest daughter to Weberman, she answered in halting English, “They wouldn’t accept her. They wouldn’t allow her to go to school.”

United Talmudical Academy administrators even required the family to pay Weberman $12,800 in advance — before the teen started eighth grade, the mother testified. [...]


  1. What was his refund policy????


    principal of victim's school, who sent victim to Weberman, makes audience laugh by saying he does not know of vaad hatzniuth exostence...

  3. perjury is a serious crime, no?

  4. Recipients and PublicityDecember 5, 2012 at 9:36 PM

    Let this be a lesson for everyone in the frum world who tries to take the easier road and think they can buy their way out problems as if they were giving a "pidyon" to a rebbe to "save" them, that it is a waste of timeto go to a rabbi or unqualified counselor who has no degrees and no training in this complicated area of treating people, that it's reckless and like an offering to the molech.

    Go to proper licensed and highly experienced academically and professionally qualified psychotherapists. Satmar and all groups should advise people about the NEFESH organization and its members all over America and services like the Yitti Leibel Help Line that can and do refer frum people to reliable mental health professionals.


    boys should say tehilim for weberman


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