Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weberman trial: Request for children to pray for him

This is a letter in Yiddish that appeared on twitpic hattip to Remark  [my translation from Yiddish]

For the honor of the respected teachers,

We are now faced with the trial  of the important askan R' Nechemiah Tzvi ben Dinah Weberman about whom the debased and lowly elements from the fringe  of society have made false claims and slandered. Therefore the teachers have been requested to pray for him together with the young students and implore Gd every day he should go free. Therefore people should have this in mind when they answer "Amen Yehe Shmei Rabbah" which is a segula to annul bad decrees against a person. In addition Chapter 20 of Tehilim should be said and then the name that G-d should help and that the slanderers should have no hope and Nechemia Tzvi ben Dina should be freed  from all actions AMEN. 
Be fully aware that if this type of low and disgusting slander succeeds in this case then every single person is in danger of being a victim.
We have no other strength then our mouth for use as gifts and prayer. Our enemies will bow and fall but we will rise and be upright.


  1. Wow, his very victims are pressed into saying his name along with tehlim.Keeping him in mind during yeheh shmeh rabbah makes this a real chillul hashem.

    Do we know which yeshiva(s) are circulating this among their staff?

    As I write this comment Weberman is undergoing cross examination. I posted this am about the trial till now.

  2. I have a better solution that should satisfy all:

    The prayer request should be "May the truth be revealed and may the guilty party, he or she, be punished".

    Nu, who could argue with this?
    Let Hashem sort it out.
    Only Weberman and the girl and, of course, Hashem knows what really happened.

  3. who signed that tzetel? (or at least, who's signature was on it?)


  4. And his group calls themselves Malochim? Which dark god are they the angels of?

  5. Parents should advise their children to change the name to Rivka bas Rochel and to say the tefilos that the Rebbe tells them to say but to have in mind Rivka bas Rochel instead of Nechemia Tzvi ben Dina!!!

  6. I would say a person is innocent until proven guilty. If Weberman is innocent - which is certainly possible - he is indeed in great danger.


    weberman admits misuse of charity funds

  8. I don't know how anyone listing into all evidence brought in to the courtroom still believe that story is true unless your thinking with hate against those strict farfrumte people in common sence it's impossible to believe her first and at most she has said at least 3 different stories to her counselor to the detective and to the jury. She kept lying that she was energy on him because of the arrest of her X boy friend but said so for the detective, BTW do anyone believe that on the first day she walked in he started to have sex with her? Does anyone believe that it's possible to perform when you know that her mother sister are out tree in the next room? I can't believe how people who have a heart and a mind can still buy into her story, it's a shame that even Jewish people can say guilty or let him rot in jail and so on with so much lack of evidence for the prosecution and so much open lies and inconsistency

  9. I saw an interview in which a woman in Williamsburg said it is to easy to make an accusation.Everybody can be endangered .I lived in a Communist country and they could have you sent to prison on the word of anybody

    1. this isn't a communist country fool. Love it or leave it


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