Monday, December 10, 2012

Jury finds Weberman guilty on 59 counts

Weberman was declared guilty and remanded to custody

Sentencing January 9th

Guilty 59 times over.

A Brooklyn jury found Nechemya Weberman - a prominent figure in the Satmar Hasidic community - guilty Monday of sexually abusing a rebellious young girl he was paid to counsel.

The verdict came after an explosive two-week trial, where customs of the strict Williamsburg-based sect were aired in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

He is facing a maximum of 25 years on prison of the top count alone, prolonged sexual conduct against a child.


  1. we are waiting now for both Satmar Rebbes and all the Weberman croonies to apologize for their intimidation and denigration of the victim!

    1. There is nothing to apologize for as they were correct all along. False guilty verdicts are a recurrent fact of life in American courtrooms.

    2. Apologize ? You crazy tge fact that a jury found him guilty does not mean that is what really happened!!

    3. Perhaps you are not aware of it, but the williamsburg Satmar Rebbe knew what was happening quite some time, and he decided not to act.

      He has not only the testimony the jury had, but several others of other victims of Weberman, according to Pearl Engelman, whose article features on this blog...

      It is a pity that Weberman drew Satmar with him in his downfall: he made the school principal testify, which will not be good for the school in the civil liability trial...

      So at least this should show you that Weberman is "anything but a pious person".

    4. Greg is correct. Multiple studies (by the US Air Force and by sociologist Eugene Kanin) have shown the rate of false rape accusation to be about 50%.

      Gven this figure, it is a farce to vonict any accused on the sole word of the accuser. Weberman is innocent ans hhould be freed.

    5. How do you know he is innocent?

      Who do you want to free him? Do you think you just walk into court and spout some statistics and everyone falls overthemselves because of your great wisdom?!

    6. So according to secular jew what happens in the Air Force if a woman claims she is raped? Do we tell her that fifty percent of women who claim this are liars? Or do we force the accused to go to trial?

    7. But Dovid.The person who replied to Rabbi Kent made the same assertion in the other direction.Do we say to the accused who might be innocent "We don't believe you 90% because of a statistic therefore you are remanded to jail".I believe each case must be investigated before drawing conclusions .However,there is a growing consensus in the "victim community" to vilify a person on the basis of an accusation.That is out of the ballpark for me.The purpose of justice is to convict the guilty but also to exonerate the innocent.


  3. "but isn't a secular legal system treif and against dass Torah?"

  4. Rebecca - You idiots. One of the seven mitzvoa of noach is to build court houses. We can't deal with evil effectively so we ask that they do.

  5. Satmar and Chasidus in General is to blame for alot of the Dysfunction by taking Regular Balei Batim And Ame Haaratzim and Dressing Them In full Rabinical Garb which causes all these chasidim To act Uncivilized with complexes. Rabbinical Garb Is Made Fo Rabbomnim. There is no reason why every Regular Jew Has To walk Around Dressed Like H e Is The Godol Hador With Up Hats and Langer Reckels

  6. Recipients and PublicityDecember 11, 2012 at 4:15 AM

    "He is facing a maximum of 25 years on prison of the top count alone, prolonged sexual conduct against a child."

    One less predator roaming the streets and destroying lives. Now he can find out what it's like to get abused, punched, threatened, raped and beaten up by other gangsters stronger than him in jail.

    This is what is meant by the Chazal who say, even though there is no Sanhedrin to give the arba misos bais din (the four capital punishments of the Torah) but instead al pi derech hateva Hashem finds ways to punish the evil-doers in other "natural" ways. As long as there is no din vamishpat and tzedek and rachmonus for the "ger, yosom, ve'almana" Hashem will find ways to take exact punishment directly.

    In addition, if batei din, rebbes, rabbonim, poskim and gedolim who should know better, keep letting types like Tropper, Kolko, Weberman, Halpern, Hersh, Kranczer, and so many other sexual predators in the frum world, who just so happen to be learned in Torah as well and know just fine how to be menuvalim birshus haTorah by abusing Torah knowledge and precedents to live a life of sexual depravity at the expense of weaker members of frum society and nothing is done about it, then do not be surprised that secular courts come off looking like palaces of justices compared to the corrupt, incompetent and castrated batei din. It is all very sad that it has come to this. Pnei hador k'penei hakelev!

    Satmar and Chasidim "pasken" that dina demalchusa does not apply to them because it's just like "hilchos sedom" but they forget that it does not mean that acting and living like belonging in Sedom is not allowed either and is even worse. Arka'os (secular courts that Chasidim revile -- unless they can get something out of them) are run by gentiles, but when a Jew acts like a sodomite it is far worse.

    Beware, we are living in a new matzav.

  7. only 25 years? what about skila? ah... no kosher aidem.

    and Rubashkin got 27. nebach.


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