Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weberman verdict: Hynes vs R Nuchem Rosenberg

NY Times   Sitting for an interview with Ami, a Jewish magazine, Mr. Hynes gave the side of his hand to “some absolute clown at The Daily News” who had written editorials criticizing his inaction on the Hasids. And he aimed an elbow at The New York Times, saying its long explorations of his handling of such cases and the shielding of the names of Hasidic molesters were “silly” and “dishonest.”  

Let’s give the district attorney his recent due. A week ago, his office convicted a leader in the Satmar community, Nechemya Weberman, of many counts of molesting. This prosecution owed nothing in particular to his investigators; the young and exceptionally courageous woman in question came forward and insisted on testifying. 

Still, Mr. Hynes is to be congratulated. 

I mention this to Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg and he rolls his eyes. For nearly two decades, this Hasidic rabbi, a member of the Satmar sect, challenged his community’s silence and complicity. Until recently, he and a handful of courageous ultra-Orthodox crusaders and families were alone.
“Charles Hynes rides our chariot and claims victory,” the rabbi says. “He stands up and says ‘I’m doing a pheeeeeenomonal job.’ 

“But for so many years, we had no one.”


  1. There is an old saying" "Success has many fathers; Failure is an Orphan."

  2. There is a newer saying, "It is the squeaky wheel that gets the bleach."

    Rosenberg is vying for credit for every inch of progress in this subject area. He has earned his cherem well, being dishonest as well as pornographic. It is true that Klal Yisroel needed the awareness, and it is true that some of the noise he made contributed to that. But there are so many honest, moral people making great strides here. This is in sharp contrast to Rosenberg's agenda of baschmutzing anyone and everyone. He is the guy who gets bleach thrown at him, and instead of calling for an ambulance calls for the media. I do not condone vigilantism, but he has earned the wrath of everyone, not just molesters, but those who wish to make real progress in curing this disasterous problem.

  3. Recipients and PublicityDecember 19, 2012 at 11:24 AM

    "A newer saying said...This is in sharp contrast to Rosenberg's agenda of baschmutzing anyone and everyone."

    RaP: Can you cite proven examples of that and why he was right or wrong?

    "He is the guy who gets bleach thrown at him,"

    RaP: And you agree with that? Do you agree that little girls should also have acid thrown at them because they don't make way for fat frum men on sidewalks? Or that women should be beaten up and spat at by Charedim for not moving to the back of a PUBLIC bus that the Chasidim or Charedim do NOT own? How about smashing in the windows of stores and homes of people who you don't like, or sending a "hoiz bucher" to burn down a house with everyone in it because they don't want to daven in the main big shull in Skver? You like violence don't you? You think you are being a great and smart "Kanoi" when all you are doing is acting like a "rotzei'ach" and a "poshei'a" and a "rosha gamur" who will go to "gehinom" on a one way ticket.

    "and instead of calling for an ambulance calls for the media."

    RaP: You lie. He was hospitalized. Someone must have taken him to the hospital. Since the Hotzola ambulances are run by the same people who hate him, maybe he's right to avoid them and hitch a ride or take a cab. Either way, he was treated in hospital for his injuries which caused damage to his eyes. You must really fear him if he evokes so much anger and violence. Otherwise you would just brush him off. As for talking to the media, the issues of pedophilia by rabbis is a public issue now and it would be foolish for him NOT to call reporters, who are his main guarantee that his message will be heard.

    "I do not condone vigilantism,"

    RaP: Obviously not against yourself, but with your own words right here you are blatantly not just condoning but inciting and even blessing the attack against this man who speaks his mind and speaks truth to power.

    "but he has earned the wrath of everyone,"

    RaP: List those people please, and some rational, logical and accurate reasons why anyone should be wrathful against Rosensberg to the point of physically attacking him, which is both a criminal offense (because assault of any type is a punishable crime) and civil offense (violating his civil rights to freedom of speech in a peaceful manner and of speaking with the free Press if that is what he wants to do.)

    "not just molesters, but those who wish to make real progress in curing this disasterous problem."

    RaP: You mean to say that molesters have a right to physically hurt people that speak out against them? Where is this written? In the "Laws of Sedom"? And who are those that you claim "wish to make real progress in curing this disasterous problem" and how would they "make progress" to solve the problem of sexual and physical abuse of the weak? By being wrathful and PHYSICALLY attacking people like Rosenberg, maybe they should and sometimes they do hire actual hit men r"l? By doing what exactly? Bottom line, you are illogical, irrational, hateful and make absolutely no sense, on top of being 100% EVIL and the only thing that seems clear is that you are still rejoicing and gloating that Rosenberg had acid thrown into his face and that you hate the way Rosenberg is able to make his case successfully in the media is due to his ability to be more clear and to actually talk about real abuses that go on and not hide behind the verbiage and smokescreens and attacks you are making against him, following the Satmar PC party line instead of thinking for yourself for a change with the brain God gave you. When the Holocaust ended and during the Nuremburg Trials, the excuse by convicted Nazis that "I was only following orders" was rejected because every person has the freedom of choice to reject evil and do the morally right thing and that does NOT include physically hurting someone who has a different opinions to you. Shame on you.

    1. You misread my comments, presented your own interpretations of several statements, and on that basis wish to launch an argument. I will never stoop to that level, and I do not consider your gibberish worthy of a response.

      I have no problem repeating the crux of my original statement. There are many people working feverishly to improve the issue of molestation, and none of them will consider working with Rosenberg. The progress we have observed over the past several years is NOT to his credit. I am against vigilantism, and I do not excuse even those with vendettas against Rosenberg from committing crimes of violence. I do not even excuse a victim of molestation who may choose to assault the perpetrator. That is also a crime, and needs to be addressed. Being wrathful and implementing by assault are not the same. Those angered by Rosenberg are entitled to their feelings. Many victims/survivors of abuse are also angered by him. None of them were helped by the media and the publicity. And that is his agenda.

    2. Let me understand. No victims were helped by the media and publicity. Really?

  4. It looks like "A newer saying" has an "agenda of baschmutzing" Rosenberg.


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