Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hospitals and Halacha - new free halachic guide

Cross Currents   By , on December 23rd, 2012
Rabbi Jason Wiener is a young rov who has done an outstanding job as the senior Jewish chaplain at Cedars-Sinai Hospital Center in Los Angeles. His penchant for serious treatment of halacha is obvious in the great public service he has performed by putting together an extremely useful chibur on issues relating to hospital stays. This monograph was supervised and looked over by some of the most impressive names in psak halacha in Los Angeles. It includes the single best treatment of the use of elevators on Shabbos that I recall seeing.

The kuntrus is available as a free download. The author solicits and encourages feedback, with an eye on the second edition. Contact him at


  1. For those interested in the topic, here is another (more concise) resource:

  2. Though this particular rav has smicha from YCT, this particular 'kuntrus' is perfectly acceptable. (You or i may quibble over a particular issue, but we may quibble over any 'kuntrus.')

    Frankly, every institutional rav / chaplain, or every rav of a community should publish a 'kuntrus' of community services (and related halachic issues). Luckily, Many communities have such information on their web sites.


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